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Tennis Clash tips

Conflicts, scams and tennis guides
With these Tennis Clash tips and tricks you can easily defeat your opponents. For those who are new to this game of tennis, we recommend that you refer to the Tennis Clash guide, where we will answer all the basic questions about the game. You can also find our review of this game here. Let’s now move on to Tennis Clash tips and tricks: –

Tips for overcoming conflicts in tennis
One of the best ways to score points is to push your opponent in the opposite direction. If it’s on the left side of the court, you’ll hit the ball on the right side of the court, in which case the opponent will run to the right. At the next throw, throw the ball to the left of the court to move the ball to the left. Always push your opponents to the side.

Go ahead and you will finally understand. You can at least reduce your opponent’s endurance, and prevent them from reaching the ball – you still win.

If you are not familiar with the full service, please see this manual: –
Position is important in tennis.
The status of the target is the key to victory. Staying in the middle of the tennis court helps you get to the ball quickly – you can still hit it by focusing on the left or right side of the court.


For this reason, we recommend that you return the character to the center of the field after the opponent hits the ball or the first time you hit it. How is the goal moved? Tap where you want to change the destination.
When the opponent is away from the net, tap the ball to not enter it. If he does not stay away from it, he can not reach the ball on time. You can keep your opponent out of the net with powerful long and fast shots.

Clean a little to soften it.

If the opponent is too close to the net, land a powerful blow.
Equip forward lines in tennis matches
There are eight rules displayed in Tennis Clash. At the beginning of the game there will be a basic nylon rope. The rest of the lines can be obtained with green stones. Launch the line launcher from the main game screen and the middle menu at the bottom. There you can configure / edit the channel.
Nylon thread – one; Nothing special
Poly Chill – Extended Critical Strike
Maestro Multi – Durable Quick Set Shield
Wild Cards – Long Grab, Resistance Shield (Level 2)
Spago Toro – Fast, Critical (Level 2)
Penalty – counter-attack, critical, long range
Siberian yarns – predictable, critical, durable
In the line menu, click on any line on the screen to check the capacity. Click on the skill icon for more information. For example, the Straight Meter skill increases the accuracy when hitting your opponent in the face.

In a tennis match, you will see equipment pad icons on the left / right side of the screen.
Trash faster for idle
Swipe the screen to hit the ball hard. If you follow the first instruction (pull your opponent to the side), you can try to hit the ball hard with a quick whiplash: a stronger grip means a stronger (faster) grip, and when the opponent is away, he shoots. to get out of the way. / debit

Learn more about resilience statistics

The total target strength is the total value of all characteristic statistics. In the Line tab, you can check character profiles and stats. Of all the statistics, flexibility is the most important, because great flexibility means going fast. However, each character status is very important. And you can respond quickly. In short, the reflections will be better. Let’s look at the character stats: –

Flexibility – Trade fast, react fast, recover fast
Tolerance – Tolerance for multiple actions in a meeting
Serve – Ability to start each point with a strong hit
Volleyball – The ability to hit the ball before it bounces – and the ability to hit it
Pros: Ability to hit the ball in the dominant hand after the ball is folded
Retreat – The ability to hit balls against your opponent’s hand after a meeting

How are these statistics compiled?

Equip and upgrade better devices to boost these stats. For instance; racket, container, shoes, ankle, strength / protein, exercise / endurance etc. Remove these teeth from your income or other rewards. Duplicate item cards are used for upgrade, new gear is unlocked the first time you buy it.

Try to hit the ball without moving too much to reduce consumption. Here are some tips for finding or negotiating an acne treatment. Each situation automatically resets on the next round.

Come back and get powerful service

It’s hard to take a big hit when you’re not there. We advise the character not to deviate from the step, to take a step back. If you are late, you can easily hit the ball (quick shot). Warning: don’t overdo it or you’ll end up with weaker beats.

Accuracy is key in tennis

Hard beats are more accurate, soft beats are more accurate. For a hard hit, make sure it’s not a field, otherwise it’s considered invalid. If you can’t get over it, don’t. Focus on traditional soft strategies.

Play smart goals and check in while you play
Don’t hit the ball when the seat crosses the field – you get a point for a mistake.
Direct serve: you lose two bad serves and a result
prevention regulations; Network, images, bad service and more.

Did you run out of coins? turn on the alarm clock

As you progress through the game and earn trophies, the best trips will be unlocked. With the entry level price, the price range has also increased. If you are running out of coins and cannot afford the entry fee, we suggest you join the low price contest with a low entry fee. to travel. Example: Contest fee is (1) (New York) (200), entry prize is (100) tenge. In addition, the cost of the group tour (3) (River) (3000), the entrance fee (1500) tenge.

To disable driving, press the button -> on the screen -> swipe left or right.

Get the best suitcase in the best tennis clash race⇓

The game gives you a wallet when you defeat an opponent. If you want quality prizes, participate in high-level contests. For example, in round (3), the bag you get after defeating an opponent is more useful than the one you get after defeating an opponent in round (3).

Log in to Facebook to play with your friends.
To play with friends, link the game to your Facebook account. After that, you will receive a simple gift basket and you can play with friends. After login, please click the Facebook icon on the top left -> Friends -> where you can see your friends online. Fight everyone. Unfortunately, if your friends aren’t on Facebook, you can’t play with them since friends don’t have game features.

Try the Tennis Clash game mode

Conflicts and advice in tennis There are practical ways to try to master the controls; Scroll Press play and scroll left until you see exercise mode. This mode allows you to perform soft and hard shots.
Here are some tips to get you started in Tennis Clash. If you have any other Tennis Clash trading tips, please leave a comment below.


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