Summertime Saga Walkthrough {May 2022} Guess With Hints Here!

Summertime Saga Walkthrough

Summertime Saga is a high-quality dating sim with over 65 characters to interact with, 30 destinations to explore, and over 20 mini-games to keep the journey fresh and fun for hours.
With a game with such a large amount of playable material, it’s understandable if you need a guide to get started. To make things easier for you, here is our full Summertime Saga walkthrough.

Walkthrough for the Summer Saga

When you start Summertime Saga for the first time, you will be presented with a mandatory introduction to the game, as well as a short prologue. The introduction conveys the story of the game’s leader and protagonist, and the main plot unfolds in two main narratives over the following weeks.

Though certain characters require first touches, many of the character tracks are unlocked the day after the prequel.

Before starting this Summertime Saga Walkthrough, here are a few things to keep in mind:
Play only one route at one point.
Do not cross the routes unless absolutely necessary.
Just focus on one girl.
Since completion overrides blocking issues, you can focus on multiple girls.
Follow this Summertime Saga walkthrough in the order presented.
Finally, if you want to deeply digest this Summertime Saga walkthrough, prepare for a few minutes.


After the mysterious death of his father, the game’s hero begins the journey of a lifetime when he is welcomed into the home of Debbie and Jenny. The grief is not over yet and the first day of school begins.

action 1

o The benefit of Maria and Josephine, trust doesn’t come easy; it must be earned and requires a certain commitment in kind. Lead gets beaten, allies and friends join in, and people visit his house to claim unpaid bills.

plot 2

When new revelations uncover his father’s past connections, the orphan ignores the warnings. The chase shifts to the mayor’s mansion and the situation with Ivanka and Melonia quickly becomes more intimate. Money is never the ultimate gratifying factor in the Rumps family.

Jenny’s route

She’s the kind of main character that is often seen as a loser by others. And then, in no time at all, the tag is integrated into its appearance in front of the frame. It seems like good inspiration for roommates to start, but the challenge is how far will you go to charm subscribers? Play route and know everything!

Debbie’s route

Debbie is the housekeeper who always wears a suit dress enticing enough for even an innocent person to dream of. However, the problem is that she is indifferent and does not motivate her thoughts of anything further. You can trigger anything to build some romance with some in-game stimulation.

Diana’s way

His roles begin later in the novel, about halfway through, when he decides to start a profitable dairy business. But she gets involved with her faithful gardener, who has some nice perks, because only veggies can’t be long and fat now, can they?

Tammy and June’s route

This route is all about experimenting with new directions and making life-changing decisions. The hero of the game will be caught between three situations:

Should you watch out for your nice neighbor?
Should she share Tammy with her best friend Erik?
Or should he invite his classmate June?
Everything falls on you; Can you help him make the right decision?

Mrs. Bissette’s route

This is the usual interest and highly desired by student teachers. Along the way, the hero enrolls in French classes and his tutor, Mrs. Bissette, is more interested in seducing the students with her sexual body than investing time in educating the students.

Mia & Helen route

Mia’s life is full of difficulties and worries; it’s not a smooth ride at all. On the one hand her mother won’t let her relax, on the other hand her father loses all hope. To make matters worse, a nun interferes in their family life and you decide whether to support Mia or her sister Angelica.

Eva’s route

This is perhaps the most decent part of the Summertime Saga walkthrough because Eve is a gentle and kind girl who is worth watching. To win her over, her hero would have to enlist the help of her sister Grace and her troublesome friend Odette.

Odette way

This is the type of girl who creates the worst images in the game. For some ambiguous reason, he asked the important character to accompany him to the cemetery at full moon.

Mrs. Okita’s Route

In Mrs. Okita’s course, there is a lot of experimentation and magic. However, when tests don’t go as expected, both student and teacher become disorganized.

Mrs. Ross’s Route

The character is challenged to change the mind of the client, who believes that appearance and attractiveness are everything.

Consuela’s route

I want to warn you that this is a difficult part of the Summertime Saga tutorial because the maid, although used to the abuse of the Rump family, sees the mayor’s provocation as the turning point. Consuela’s condition worsens due to the main character’s intervention. So what are you going to do to untangle the mess here?

daisy path

Trust me, Daisy’s path at this point in the Summertime Sage run is the most intriguing, as she’s half human, half cow and appears in the main life out of nowhere. The hero here will take care of this adorable cow girl.

Aqua’s RouteSummertime Saga Walkthrough
Get ready for Captain Terry’s next treasure hunt. Much of this problem is simply catching the happiest monster, Aqua.

So, do you like adventure travel? Don’t forget to come back to this Summertime Saga guide if you get lost.

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