Squid Ink Cookie Toppings Build {June 2022} Correct Solution With Meanings!

Squid Ink Cookie Toppings Build

Do we have the best cookie cookies in our Squid cookie design? Read about making Squid Cookies-Ink cookies!

Making Ink Boxes Ink Ink

Build skid boxes for headphones;

X5 Raspberry Watch (Full ATK / DMG)
Alternative; Quick chocolate

The best set of Squid Ink cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom is the X5 Sering Raspberry Toppings with a CD substation, which instead increases the face-to-face DMG of the Squid Ink Cookie. An alternative to skid boxes is to create a Swift Choco / CD that reduces the cooling of the skill.

Wearing Ink Boxes: Craftsmanship Information

Oh, where did the little compressed box go? Why is there a big animal with soda from the tropics ?! If that attack hits you, it will fly like a box! A large skid from the deep sea will not appear anywhere and will hit its opponents on the cheek quickly and will look at the large DMG several times.
X16 is the second starter CD
Single Hit DMG: 35.0% (+ 0.5% DMG per level)

Acne Ink Boxes: A Story

The train came out of the oven without even catching it. Probably because of all the leaf ink in it! Cookie was found floating on the beach, everyone was weak and confused. There is a theory that this box is a marine creature that eats treasure, attacks ships with treasure, and more gold. But Squid Ink Cookie doesn’t remember that, and he sheds tears all the time with black ink.

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