Some Remarkable Things to Do Just After Intercourse!

Just After Intercourse

After completion of Intercourse, people feel tired and sleepy. However, it is one of the most important things in every relationship. Most people don’t know about the things to do just after having Intercourse. If you are not following these instructions, you may have to face several infections and other problems. That’s why; we are here to tell you some important things to follow after intercourse. However, if you are suffering from any intercourse problems, make sure to visit the best sexologist nearby your location.

Don’t Forget to Pass Urine Just After Intercourse

When you complete your intercourse, you should have to go into the bathroom and urinate. According to the study, there are higher chances of having UTI (Urinary tract infections) just after Intercourse. Also, the bacteria of the vagina will be pushed to your bladder. It may lead to several infections.

Bypassing urine may also reduce the chances of bad bacteria in your vagina. So, make sure to pass urine just after Intercourse. If you want to pass urine frequently, it is better to drink a glass of water before love. In this way, you will not face any difficulties while urinating.

Make Sure to Wash Up

If you are not able to take shower or a bath, it is better to wash up the private part just after Intercourse. In other words, you need to wash your genitals completely after love. Otherwise, these genitals lead to various types of infections (UTI) in the body. In this regard, you need to use warm water for washing your vagina properly. Don’t use soaps or other chemicals because they may irritate you. In men, make sure to wash the penis after pushing back the foreskin. Just after sex, both men and women need to wash up their private parts thoroughly.

Ensure not to Do Douche

According to the study, it is important not to do douche just after Intercourse. This is not a good option for both men and women. Make sure to adopt only natural ways to keep the area clean. Generally, your body will automatically balance the level of pH inside the vagina. If you are noticing a mild smell in the vagina just after love, it is quite normal. So, don’t go through douching just after Intercourse.

Try not to Wear Tight Cloth

Don’t forget to wear loose cloth because tight clothes lead to sweat, dirt, moisture, etc. In other words, these problems are enough to cause bacterial or fungal infections. Hence, you should avoid wearing tight cloth just after Intercourse. Use loose clothes and let the air pass through the clothes. In this, you should avoid wearing underwear while going to bed for sleep.

Wash Your Hands Properly

Due to Covid-19, washing hands is an important task for everyone. In the same manner, people have to wash their hands properly just after Intercourse. This rule should be applied to both men and women. However, it should be your routine as a post-Intercourse cleanup. Don’t forget to wash your hands, vagina, and penis in the right manner. In this way, both men and women can stay away from upcoming health problems, infections, and other Intercourse disorders.

Be Frank with Your Partner

It is very important, to be frank with your partner. In other words, if you are facing any complications while doing intercourse, make sure to tell your partner. So, you should have frank, clear, open, and gentle talking with the partner. In this way, you could tell your partner about the performance just after Intercourse. However, don’t make your partners feel bad or embarrassed. Try to understand him/her about your feelings in a cute manner.

Last Words

Several individuals always feel tired just after Intercourse. First of all, they don’t follow the right routine after having intercourse. That’s why; they have to have several infections, weakness, sickness, etc on daily basis. As per the study, an unwashed and unclean body just after Intercourseis not a good option. To live a healthy and happy married life, make sure to obtain the above steps. In this way, you can obtain a healthy and lovable Intercourse performance with your partner.

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