Retro TDS Codes Wiki {June 2022} Correct Solution With Meanings!

Retro TDS Codes Wiki

Retro TDS by @TRGYTGG is a Roblox game based on old school tower defense. In Retro TDS, players will discuss units and decide the route – discreetly of course! At the beginning of the battle, the enemy tries to hit the front, then takes control of the fleet sector. Units will interact with these opponents to defend the base. You will repair towers to strengthen them. We will unlock codes in this post. Check out this page and browse our Roblox game download library for more codes.

Retro TDS Wiki⇓ codes

The following retro TDS codes are available for Wiki, Players, Coins, Towers, Units, etc. is for. in this Roblox game. So let’s not forget the retro TDS code Wiki:-.

Retro TDS Wiki Codes [Gold Shift] ⇓

GOLD – Code (new) in X Rewards.
DOUBLETROUBLE – Use X value tag

Retro TDS codes are time limited; These gift certificates will expire in a few days, so you should buy them as soon as possible and claim a bonus to continue the game. We are looking for new Retro TDS codes for this game title, so we recommend visiting this site regularly.

To avoid back TDS code errors, enter your redemption code as shown in the list above, adding special characters and capital letters (upper and lowercase).

Retro TDS wiki for codes

Retro TDS codes as stated above will only be valid for a limited time. We have shared all the coupon codes below, you can add the expired ones, try these expired Retro TDS codes and see if it works for you:-

GOLD – Code (new) in X Rewards.
DOUBLETROUBLE – Use X value tag
Power up!!! – x850 coins and redemption code for 5 wins
Intervals: Get X Reward Code
part 4 … – return code for payment X
WEOUTHEREEEE!!! – Get the code for X reward
Whenpart2 – Save this code and get a reward
verycoolcode – Save and reward this code
Favorites – Save this code and get 150 coins
30k – Use this code and get 150 coins
NORMAL – Enter this code and get 150 coins
NORMAL – Enter this code and get 150 coins
DAY3HYPE – Save this code and get 150 coins
NORMAL – Evaluate X currency number
HappyBDAYBelow – redemption code for 250 tenge
DAY3HYPE – Save this code and get 150 coins

How to make copies of Retro TDS?

Open Roblox Retro TDS on your PC or mobile device
Tap on the shop icon on the screen
A new window will open where you will see the Add Code option.
put the code there
Get code prices

How can I get more codes for Retro TDS?

The game’s official social media app has released the latest Retro TDS characters on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the official Discord game. Developers often print giveaway copies for special events such as shows, popular shows, collaborations, and special events. We will update this gift code list with new codes available. You can bookmark this page and regularly check out Retro TDS’s posts.

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