PUBG New State Codes {June 2022} Know The Right Answer!

PUBG New State Codes

New State PUBG Rules

In this article we share an updated list of new PUBG state codes that can be exchanged for chicken medals, premium coins and bp, leather and more. PUBG New State Codes Received So far (if you know any other codes, share them in the comments box below and let us know if the gift code doesn’t work for you): –

New PUBG status codes: a list of all active coupon codes

CYKV0J8A2UF9I – coupon code added on March 2, 2022
P2AAQ52MT62EN – Coupon code added on March 2, 2022
New PUBG status codes have time limits; These gift codes expire in a few days, so you will have to buy them back in a short time and claim a bonus to continue. We look at the latest PUBG New State game name codes, so we encourage you to visit this page frequently.

In order to avoid errors with the new PUBG coupon codes, enter the confirmation code in the game, including the special characters and upper and lower case letters, as shown in the list above.

New PUBG status code: Includes a list of newly released PUBG status coupon codes

Below is a list of newly created PUBG status codes (including expired ones): –

CYKV0J8A2UF9I – coupon code added on March 2, 2022
P2AAQ52MT62EN – Coupon code added on March 2, 2022
WEEKEND2RD1M3 – Cancel this coupon code for Gold Bling Box, Troi Card 200% BP and Erangel Card 200% BP (expires February 20, 2022)
2SURVIVOR02RDM2 – 3 chicken medals, cancel this coupon code for three 150% BP cards (expires February 19, 2022)
SHOTBREXTREMEWED – Cancel this coupon code for 5 chicken medals and Erangel 200% BP card (expires February 2, 2022)
20LNY22NEWSTATE – Open this coupon code for a special coupon (expires February 1, 2022)
GETFROZEN31MON – Cancel this Frozen Wonderland Box coupon code (expires January 31, 2022)
Join BREXTREMENOV – Cancel this coupon code for 5 chicken medals (expires January 31, 2022)
PARTYCRATETICKET – Use this Party Cash coupon code (expires January 20, 2022)
SKULLKINGTIKET – Cancel this Skull King Crate coupon code (expires January 20, 2022)

Questions for the new PUBGI national system

Frequently Asked Questions, Buy New PUBG Status Code, and Get More Codes.

How to buy a new PUBG status code?

Visit the new PUBG State Coupon Refund Code website at
Enter the coupon code
Enter your account number (from settings).
Choose to use the gift code
Enter the code and you will be charged

How can I find out about new PUBG status codes?

More news about PUBG New Country Codes will be available on official gaming platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and official Discord games. Creators often release gift codes for special events such as game times, popular events, collaborations, and special events. We will update the list of gift codes with each new purchase code once they are available. You can bookmark this page and check the gift codes regularly for the latest PUBG status.

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