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Project Star Wiki

Our Project Star wiki includes Project Star maps, locations, objects, controls, and more. Read the Project Star Wiki Guide and understand all the basic concepts.

Wiki Star Project: maps; Desert map and map of Cairo

In this section we share map images and descriptions of the area. First look at the Cairo map details and then get the desert map details (see also – Project Star Code);

Wiki Star Project: Map of Cairo

Location map in Cairo
Base for fast cars
Shady roads
Luigi and Luigi
Save the pirates
Group of motorcycles
pizzeria like
Storage in the tent
brandy alley
God’s dwelling place
Brando Inc.
Star Desert Project Map Location
The bandits’ fortress
The Ruins of Hammon
The Ruins of Gail
Brando’s lab
cavity of the stomach
Oasis that
Hard Shin
The Bazaar is forbidden
Star Wiki Project: Stand
There is a guide to staying in the next section of the Project Star Wiki; list all positions, attributes, etc. How do you get that.

How can it be treated?

To stay in “Project Star”, players must search for arrow types found around Cairo, the main hub. This type of arrow appeared there by chance. Once they appear, they are easy to identify.

In “The Star of the Project”, darts come in many forms and the fewer they are, the greater the chance of gaining position. Here is a list of the types of balls found in the game:

Standing Arrow: Rare 1x Multiplier
Special Arrow: Rare multiplier 1.5x
Bright center arrow: 2x rare multiplier
Curse Game: Rare Multiplier 100 times
Of these, the rare cursed bullet can only be obtained from the “D’arby Element Roll” in the Palace of God.

How do I delete a view?

To remove support from the star of the project, players must have something called Rokakaka. Rokakaka is also found on the outskirts of Cairo, as is the case with the bows. Once you have it, use it to clear the stand.

How do you store the tent?

You need to go to the warehouse in Cairo and talk to the NPC there. The location of the stand is shown on the map above.

Wiki Star Project: Permanent List
Gray Tower: 20% off.
Emperor: 20% less.
Right: 15% reduction.
Wjollca Hermit: 10% off.
Green Shell Hierophant: 10% reduction.
The silver basket is down 10%.
Stupid: down 7.5%.
Horus: Reduces level by 6%.
The Witch’s Red: 5% reduction.
Death 13: 5% reduction.
Cream: 3% drops
Star Platinum: 2.5% reduction.
Days: 1% Autumn rate
Prime Star Platinum World: 0.25% times over.
World: 0.2% decrease in rate.

Wiki Star Project: highlights

No details: 40% probability

Speed ​​fan
Quick: 5% chance
Supersonic: 0.2% chance
Quick: 1% chance
Buff is healthy
Healthy: 2% chance
Change: 1% chance
Heartbreak: 0.5% chance
Buffy is the defender
Weight: 5% chance
Safe: 2% chance
Indestructible: 0.5% chance
They provide a buffet
Strong: 5% chance
Strong: 2% chance
Debuffs and protection
It’s best not to use them as they will lower your stats;

Bad: 5% chance
Cushion: 2% chance
Unlucky: 1% chance
Tragic: probability 0.1% .

Love and protect the beloved
A rare asset that helps maximize damage and protection;

Total: 0.2% chance
Explanation: 0.05% probability
Like God: 0.005% chance
Congo: 0% chance
See also – Project star code

Project Star Wiki: Checklist

WASD: navigation keys
Double click on W, A, S or D – that way
Numeric keys: If available, select an item in that storage
C, Z, G, T, E, R: use this skill button; based on what you have discovered so far, your character stands
D: Use this lock button
M1 (left button): used for basic attacks
Space: Jump
Shift: Used to lock the camera or Caps Lock
Ctrl: use this button to turn the trip on/off, stay in place to come back again
Alt: use the Alt key to retrieve objects
D: With this key you can call if you have a booth
~ (Symbol under ESC key): opens the list
Teacher: Menu (see instructions below) .
R: magnification
I: enlargement

Project Star Wiki: Menu Guides

Use the M key to open the menu;

Profile: Here you will find the current level, PS and Stand nickname skill points.
Suitcases: There are furniture
Expert Tree: Here you can learn new features by dividing points into standing, fighting and character trees.
Team: You can join other players here; create a team or invite others to play
Store: OI (Purchasing Department).
Settings: Game settings and code download location

Star Wiki Project: List of Articles
list of arrows
Stand Arrow (25% chance, 1% rare multiplier): Helps easily get regular rare shelves
Standing arrow (10% chance, 1.5x rare multiplier): Rare arrow
Pedestrians (5% chance, 2x rare multiplier): Rare pedestrians
Cursed Arrow Stand (100x Rare Multiplier): Rare Stand Arrow is only available from D’arby Wheel of Fortune.
Rokakaka (25% chance): Use it to purify love
Secret Rokakaka: Use it to edit stats (it can only be purchased through Robux or from D’arby Wheel of Fortune)
List of acne scars
You can go to another race with race elements;

Stone Mask (2% rare): Be a Vampire
Wamuu King: Wamuu is transformed from a vampire. Gusto; Level 60+ Vampires
Only Red Stone: Returns You to Kars From the Vampire. Gusto; Level 60+ Vampires
Umbrella: If you are a vampire, you can use this element to walk in the sun without getting DMG.

Headset list

Project Star gear can be obtained by killing bosses or cycling with Terence T. D’Arbi. You will find it at Dio Palace, opposite the Vanilla Ice Kitchen.

Boxing Gloves: PHY Combat Style Increases DMG by 15%.
Caesar’s Head: Challenge ATK raises DMG by 10%.
Glass: +5 Health
Jotaros has: +15 Health
Old hat: +10 Health
Bowler Speed ​​Car: +10 Health
Tarcus helmet: +20 Health
Wamuu Clothing: Vampire ATK increases DMG and Kars by 10%.
Hat: Hamons ATK increases DMG by 5% and provides +5 health
Hamons Breath Mask: Hamons DMG increases TAC by 5%.
Meteor unit: N / A.
Team part: +15 Health

List of different things

Flowers: None
Demon Camera: Used to indicate the player’s location; in a few seconds
Walkman: Star Project Radio
Ancient sword; N / A (to find the item in the description below)
Project star Wiki: Fortune D’Arbie
You can access D’arby’s Fortune Wheel from Dio’s Mansion, where you can try your luck by spending money on gaming or Robux. By rotating this wheel you can capture the rarest or strongest objects. For example, a sworn arrow on the foot.

Enter the palace -> Just go straight until you see the big statue. From here, head down the corridor. Then take the first right and quickly take the right. Continue down the corridor and you will see a staircase on the left. Go down the stairs and turn left. There will be an NPC called Polnareff. Run in front of him and -> climb small steps -> into the room.

Toss the door on the other side of the room. Turn left and go up the stairs. There you will find the NPC Vampire Slayer Monkey. Go through the small door on the left side of the NPC, continue and you will finally reach the Wheel of Happiness!

Wiki Star Project: How to Get to Kars

In Roblox Project Star, players must first become vampires to reach Kars. They can do this by reaching level 30+ and using a so-called Stone Mask. When you become a vampire, the player must reach the 60+ level and use the Red Stone Aja to become Kars.

Stone masks, which are indispensable in this work, can be found on the streets of Cairo (Egypt). All you have to do is make sure you are at level 30+.

When you become a vampire, the player will appear in the sewer field after the player breaks or the game has started. be sure to note

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