Orange Head Astd {July} Answer An Idiomatic Expression?

Orange Head Astd

In this article, we’ll discuss Orange Head’s six-star status and seven upgrades.

If you’re an ASTD player? Do you like playing All Star Tower Defense? Do you know anything about Orange Head, the Orange Head favorite in ASTD? Would you like to know more?

Orange Head is well known to All Star Tower Defense and ASTD fans around the world, especially in the USA, Canada and the UK. In this blog we will look at Orange Head as a character.

What is Orange Head?

Orange Head is a popular six-star design from All Star Tower Defense. This sculpture was created by Gildarts Clive, also known as Girudtsu Kuraivu. Clive gained fame as a member of the S-Class Mages of the Fairy Tail Guild. Clive was known as a magician and an amazing ace. Clive is known as the fifth owner of the club.

The Orange Head is the fourth Fairy Tail character to be added to the action-adventure game. The other three characters include Tatsu (first character to be revealed), Shirtless Devil (to be added), and Lightning bolt (third character to be written).

The Orange Head is one of the third few Fairy Tale characters in the game with a 6-star rating. The first is the Ice Demon Slayer, which can be obtained by transforming into a disembodied wizard. Another variant is the Laxus Dreyar. The Dreyar is the most famous six-star picture captured by spinning the wheel.

There are many theories about the name Orange Head. One possibility is that its name is closely associated with Head Reading, or five-star AoE, as well as the Earth-like device inspired by the shafts. It is often compared to Red Head because they have so much in common.

How to get a green head?

There are only two ways to get an Orange Head. One way is to open Christmas Box II, a four-star ground event where you can experience The Hero Summon during All Star Tower Defense’s Christmas Event in December 2021. The other option is to acquire in that by exchange.

List of Orange Lake Promotion Levels:

Orange Head has 7 levels of development. Orange Head has a deposit value of 555. The initial damage level for Orange Head is 1000 and the range taken by players is 27.5. Let’s take a look at an overview of the development policies for Orange Head:

Version 1 1 – 650 ASTD Original Money – 1750, Dec 27.5. 27.5 million.
Update 2 1000 Cost: Damage -2750 with Range -32.5.
3.0 Last 1500 Cost: Damage – 4100 and range is 32.5.
Update 4 2000 Cost: Damage – 5600 and Cost – 32.5.
Version 5 15000 ASTD Original Price: 16850 with Supplement 37.5. 37.5 million.
6 Convert 100000 ASTD Fund Original-91850 with 47.5 compensation. 47.5 million.
Version 7 is 800000 ASTD money lost – 691850 with an interval of 47.5.


While the Orange Head from ASTD is a bit of a celebrity, it’s hard to get hold of. But once you get in the habit, we’re sure fans will be pleased. Check out the Orange Head Wiki to learn more.

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