Maplestory Rose Clipping Guide: (May 2022) Know The Actual Answer Here!

Maplestory Rose Clipping Guide

The free-to-play multiplayer RPG has been around since 2003 and has since delivered legendary adventures with wildly original 2D appeal. With new games appearing every day, Maplestory seems to have lost a large part of its audience.

However, Maplestory has made a huge comeback, as its reboot version promises a whole new journey that’s compelling enough to appeal to both old and new players. There is a lot to get for people who are interested in the game. Therefore, this article aims to cover how to get Maplestory Rose Clipping to unlock pocket slots and get a boost.

Maplestory: How to unlock Pocket Slot Quest and win Rose Clipping?

To unlock Pocket Slot Quest, follow the instructions below:

Raise your charm to level 30

Navigate to the left side of your screen.
Click on the star.
Find the quest Excessively Charming.
Finally complete the mission.
After completing Excessively Charming quest, you will unlock Pocket Slot and get Rose Clipping in Maplestory.

How do you get your amulet to level 30?

There are several ways to get your charm level to 30. Some of the legitimate ones, such as the trait potion and equipment items, are explained below.

trait potion

Among the many possibilities, the Trait Potion has proven to be the ultimate way to get your talisman up to level 30. You can get it through a daily gift or through an event.
Daily Gift: If you log in 20 days within a month, you will receive the trait potion. It helps you level up the trait and using it will take you to level 30. However, it will only take effect if you have at least level 5 enchantment.
Events: Maplestory regularly hosts events that provide exciting rewards. When an event is live, you’ll find a reward shop that has trait potions for sale. Gather the required currency to purchase a trait potion. This will help you escape the daunting task of farming Charm EXP.

equip items

Another handy way to increase your Charm level is to equip items with Charms for the first time, which grants you Charm EXP. Below is the list for that, from easy to medium difficulty bosses that need to be equipped daily.
Each one only grants you Charm EXP when you first equip them.

Extremely charming guide

In the previous part of the article, we mentioned that in order to unlock Pocket Slot, you need to complete the Overly Charming Guide. Here’s how to complete this quest.

Once you have accepted the star quest, you will need to go to the barbershop in Henesys to meet Big Headward. To get to the salon, visit the market at Henesys and turn right.

You will find Big Headward waiting to give you a quest to find Rose Clipping. The quest asks you to harvest herbs. To do this, you will need to learn Saffron Herbalism, which comes from the Ardentmill.

After learning Herbalism, go to Herbal to the right of Saffron and select a map. And look for rose cuttings until the weeds loosen up a bit.

Since the drop rates are random, you will have to try this patiently. Also, it is limited to no. of the harvest because of your tiredness, which is renewed from day to day.

Finally after getting Rose Clippings offer it to Big Headward and unlock Pocket Slot and earn Rose Pocket Item.

What is a pocket item?

The best pocket item in the slot in Maplestory Reboot is a Pink Bean Cup. These are not best suited for giving out potentials, but rather flames. Collect several cups of pink beans, combine them and get better flames. You can merge them into Ardenmill.

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