iSecretShop Review: Is it Legit or Scam? (All You Need to Know)

iSecretShop Review

Funny sounds. If this page has piqued your curiosity, this iSecretShop review is worth reading. I personally tested this site in order to provide you with detailed information about the offer. you can judge if

Let’s see if this page is really legit and valuable or just a scam.

What is iSecretShop and what does it offer?

iSecretShop is basically a job site that offers mystery shopping opportunities. This is a perfectly legitimate site because you get paid to be one of the mystery shoppers.

But the question is, is it worth it?

To draw conclusions, we must first look at the income opportunities it offers to understand how it works. How to make money with iSecretShop.

Income Opportunity – Mystery Shopping Task

The only way to make money from this website is by doing mystery shopping tasks. As mentioned above, the site only serves as a job board for companies looking for mystery shoppers, so it only connects you with potential “employers.”

As an iSecretShop panel member, you get access to mystery shopping tasks. Just log in to your member dashboard to see all the qualifying jobs in your area.

Once you’re in your member dashboard, click Available Stores on the left side of your dashboard. Then all available stores with shopping tasks will be displayed. If you find a topic that interests you, touch it to see all the details.

It will show you the instructions you need to follow to complete the task, the time limit for the task, and the payment you will receive when you complete the task. Read the details and when you’re ready to accept the challenge, click the View/Accept Offer button.

A full contract popup will appear. We encourage you to read the agreement before accepting it. To accept the agreement, scroll down, sign, and click the I Accept button.

All that remains is to get to the actual location of the task and do what the task requires. In most cases, you need to make special purchases in the store and evaluate the services that the store offers.

Tasks usually take a day.  Mystery Shopper Broker (MSB) verification of your work may take several days. We encourage you to only do quests that benefit you, even if you do.

If you’re lucky, you might find yourself with a task that only requires you to make a purchase from an online store. In my opinion, this is the most profitable better option. Because you can earn money from the comfort of your home and you don’t have to spend money on gas and bills.

How do I get paid?

As mentioned above, iSecretShop does not charge you to perform tasks. MSB pays instead. The good thing is that you get paid as soon as the MSB accepts your job.
Payments are usually made through PayPal and the amount you receive is the amount stated in the contract.  Also, you don’t have to reach the threshold before you get paid. Payments are sent urgently to your PayPal account. When you can expect a payment depends on the ESM. Some MSBs pay immediately, while others only schedule payments at certain times of the month.

Overall, we like that iSecretShop’s withdrawal system is relatively simple and that you don’t have to reach a threshold to receive your earnings.

how much money can you make?

How much you can earn on iSecretShop depends mainly on where you live. Though, in my experience, the availability of orders depends on where you are. If you live in a big city, there may be a lot of work to do.

If you live in a small town, there are usually no missions or very few opportunities.

The amount you can earn on the job ranges from $10 to $50 depending on the complexity. The more complex the work, the more compensation you will receive.

They will be more willing to accept your request to do the job because they know you have the knowledge and skills to do it right. However, some certifications require a certain fee. So be prepared to spend money if you really want to get this certification.

You can also choose to become a Verified Buyer so MSB knows you’re not a fraud. The verification process costs around $10, so be prepared to spend some money too.

Overall, I’d say if you live in a big city where opportunities abound, the earning potential of iSecretShop is pretty good. But if you live in a small town, I suggest you don’t bother registering. There are plenty of other options for earning extra cash that you can use instead (more on that later).

Can we use it on mobile?

As mentioned, iSecretShop has a mobile app that you can download, so you can do any activity even when you’re not in front of the computer. The best use of this app, in my opinion, is that you can take any order, even if you’re not in front of your laptop or desktop. If you’ve been traveling and have time, open the app and check out new missions near your current location.

So ask and once you agree, you can go ahead and get there. This saves a lot of time and money because you don’t have to travel that far. The app is also very easy to use, so you’ll quickly get used to how it works.

Who can register for iSecretShop?

Technically, iSecretShop is available worldwide. You can register as a panel member wherever you live.
You just need to fill out and submit the registration form. Then you can go to the site and start earning. However, as noted above, activity availability depends on where you are.

And based on my testing, most of the potential revenue comes from major cities in the US, UK, and Canada, so you can’t expect potential revenue to be the same across countries. .

Can you get some help?

If you have questions about your account or the site in general, you can refer to the FAQ section of the site or its forums. You can access both by logging into the site.

The FAQ and forum sections cover most of what you need to know about this site. And as I explained above, you can take certification courses so you can easily do the task too. In fact, I found this feature very useful.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can easily submit a support ticket by clicking the Ticket System link at the top of the members panel. Then simply fill in the required fields and click “Submit”. This function is also available in the application.

Overall, I would say iSecretShop has a decent support system for its members as it offers a convenient way to communicate with its support team.

final decision

iSecretShop is a legit mystery shopping site where you can earn money by completing mystery shopping tasks. It has some features to offer, but there are also some limitations that you should be aware of.

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