Is LiteGPT a Scam or Legit? (Know Out Before Joining)

LiteGPT Review

If you’ve been researching the best sites to join for extra money, you’ve come across a site called LiteGPT.

But does it live up to its promise? Is LiteGPT a scam or legal? Let’s fix this problem right away so we can decipher the site.

No, LiteGPT is not a scam. However, I’m not sure if the site offers a good way to make money.

What is LiteGPT and what does it offer?

LiteGPT is basically a GPT site with some elements of PTC (Paid Clicks). In other words, LiteGPT also allows you to find income opportunities that are usually found on PTC sites. More on this later.
Speaking of income opportunities, to understand these sites’ earning potential, you need to take a closer look.

Option 1 – Paid Ads

As I said earlier, LiteGPT is primarily a GPT site with PTC elements and this is one of those elements.

PTC sites usually display paid ads.
If you are not familiar with this type of revenue opportunity, a single click on the ad will open a new browser tab. Wait for the ad to load completely (usually 10 seconds and you’ll see a bit of loading showing how much stuff is loading).

In this case, just click on the appropriate image. Upon completion, you will receive a weight stating that you have won a certain amount. This signal will close the tab and move to the next ad.

Play, the balance you get from each ad is very low, which makes sense since it’s a paid ad. They do not offer the highest earning potential.

Option 2 – Paid Offer

Another way to make money on this site is by completing paid offers. This short task can be completed with an imbalance of rewards. For LiteGPT, paid offers can be found on the offer board.
Each offer is unique and usually asks for one thing. You are required to watch videos, play games, register on sites, take surveys or quizzes, download mobile apps, and much more. There are clues.

Don’t miss a step. If you miss a step, you will not be able to complete the offer and receive your reward.

So if you are careless, you are just wasting your time. So, you should make a habit of reading the instructions carefully. The advantages of paid offers are many. If you focus solely on making paid offers, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Option 3 – Asia SessionMag

This is a unique income opportunity found only on LiteGPT. The principle is very simple. Get paid to surf the AsiaMag site.
Get rewards just by following the instructions in each stage. It’s very simple. Once you have completed all the steps required for your session, you can choose to start a new session or move on to another earning opportunity.

It’s up to you, but it won’t cost you much, so I wouldn’t recommend more than a couple of times unless you’re running out of things to do on the site and you’re a lot…. for storage

Option 4 – Faucet

The faucet is like a bonus you get every 60 minutes to enter the site. This is a fairly common feature on PTC sites. However, in my experience, other PTC sites usually have shorter time frames for claiming so-called “bonuses”.
The highest you can get is $2, which isn’t bad if you see how active it is, as it’s just a bonus for being on the site.

But you have to be very lucky to win a kiss prize, and you usually win a very small prize.

Option 5 – Short Link

Short links are very similar to paid advertising. Each link pays a certain amount of rewards for completing the requested activity.
The short link will take you to the site you need to visit. Note that it will not open a new tab. So basically comes from LiteGPT. So before that, I suggest you to open a separate tab in the LiteGPT dashboard so that you can easily return to it when the short link is done.

When you visit a site defined by a shortened link, you get instructions on what to do next.

Option 6: Unbox

This is another unique earning opportunity offered by this site. Pop the box is basically a way to earn money by opening pop-up ads. However, there are a few things you should know about this income opportunity before proceeding.
As you can see from the image above, this type of opportunity uses annoying advertising systems like pop-ups, pop-unders, and push notifications.

The principle is very similar to short links. Open a ticket and follow the instructions. If you don’t like dealing with pop-up ads, we advise you not to take this opportunity. You don’t lose much because you don’t get good results.

Option 7 – Referral Program

Finally, you can earn additional rewards by inviting people to join your site. You become a referrer when you sign up using an invite link, code or banner. After that, you will get $0.005 for every active referral.

This means that your referrer must complete at least one task on your site to receive your referral bonus. Not much, but at least something. In addition, LiteGPT earning opportunities are very easy, so getting bonuses is not that difficult.

how do they pay you?

There are actually two currencies you need to know about with LiteGPT. Main balance and BTC wallet.

Except for paid offers, you will earn some money doing all the earning opportunities offered by the site. For a paid offer, you will get a satoshi, the smallest unit of bitcoin.
You can then withdraw your winnings instantly using Walcrypt or Faucetpay. This means you don’t have to hit a threshold to withdraw your winnings. This is great because there is no waiting period to withdraw your winnings.

For Payeer, you have to reach a certain threshold to withdraw your winnings, but they don’t set a threshold. If you decide to use it as a means of payment, you’ll know right away what it is.

Obviously, earnings from paid offers must be withdrawn from your Bitcoin wallet. However, if you wish, you also have the option to convert your main balance to Bitcoin. The conversion rate depends on the current Bitcoin rate.

How much money can you make?

This is the section where you can assess your site’s earning potential. Also, for GPT sites like LiteGPT, the availability of earning opportunities is not a problem, so the winning amount is highly dependent on the payment method.

This in my opinion is one of the advantages of GPT sites. So the real question is: can you make money effectively? To generate income effectively, you need to have the right time/money ratio.

And for LiteGPT, it’s not that great. All the income opportunities they offer offer low returns.

Can I use it on my phone?

Litegpt . Mobile Site
If you are looking for the LiteGPT mobile app, you will be disappointed in its absence. However, it is possible to access the site from a mobile device via a web browser. Just visit this URL and you can access the dashboard from there.

Although their site is optimized for mobile use, we do not recommend using it on mobile devices due to the nature of the monetization opportunities they offer. Since most of the monetization opportunities they provide open new browser tabs, closing browser tabs from mobile devices can be very difficult.

Who can participate in LiteGPT?

This GPT site, like most GPT sites today, is available worldwide. You can register or signup as a member wherever you are online. Be careful not to log in using a VPN or proxy. They may ban you.
A confirmation email will then send. Just click the link to activate your LiteGPT account.

Once done, you can go to the dashboard and start earning. Once you become a member, be sure to add your payment information.

You can help me?

LiteGPT is minimal in terms of member support. There is an FAQ page, but it only covers 6 topics, so reading the site doesn’t give you a complete picture of how the site works.

The FAQ page contains useful information. The good thing is that you can contact the support team.

You can create a support ticket for your request. In my opinion, this is the best way to manage apps, as it makes it easy to monitor app status. In addition, you can easily return to previously made requests and replies.

Overall, we can say that we provide the support our members deserve.

final decision

LiteGPT is the official GPT website where you pay to perform various micro tasks. While it has some great features, it also has limitations that are hard to ignore.

So, to wrap up this review, let’s summarize the pros and cons that will help you decide if this is a site worth checking out.

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