Idle Heroes Codes 2022 Wiki {June 2022} Know The Right Answer!

Idle Heroes Codes 2022 Wiki

Our heroes have the latest list of Wiki, OP CD keycodes not working 2022 code. Get a new company code and get a real prize.

Code Heroes 2022⇓: CD 2022⇓

(Active Hero Code 2022 regular update: CD key list June 2022). Total inactive character CD codes: +10. Gift Card CD: x3. Below is the new CD key: July 1, 2022.

HIJUNE2022 – Open the CD code and get the X prize (use it before June 30, 2022). Copy the code:-

HIJUN, 2022
Purchase this CD Key for IH777 – Class X (You can use this symbol on the channel after completing step 3-10). This is a rule of thumb. New CD buttons are delivered every month. Always check for new CD codes for missed stores. We will test this last code in July 2021.

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2022 Champions Awards (June 2022)

HIJUNE2022 – Repeat this CD code and get the X rewards (use before June 30, 2022)
Download CD IH777 now and win a prize (Permanent CD key for new games)
The rules of the less active heroes have a term; These prizes will run out in a few days, so buy quickly and be rewarded for your success in the game. We are looking for new and useful code for the name of this game, we recommend that you visit this page regularly.

To avoid fraudulent gifts, please add the game payment code from our list above, including special characters and lowercase letters (details and lowercase).

Full code

As mentioned above, the payment code only works. Below we have shared all the cancellation rules, you can try to get these cancellation codes and see if they are useful for you:-

BAGTLY2022CNY – Download This CD Code and Get X Rewards (Pay by Feb 6, 2022)
NEWYEAR2022 – Repeat this CD code and get the X rewards (use before February 10, 2022)
2022HAPPYCNY – Download This CD Code and Get the X Rewards (Pay by Feb 13, 2022)
New 2022 – Check out this CD code key and find the X 1K diamond (valid until January 31, 2022)
Fall 2021 – Break this CD code and get a reward (use before October 14, 2021)
IHAUG2021 – Buy and receive this CD code (pay before September 1, 2021)
JULY IH2021 – Circle the CD code and receive 500 diamonds and x5 character invites (Added Jul 1, 2021. Completed Jul 31, 2021)
HAPPY2021IH – Return this CD code and receive 500 diamonds and x5 Hero Challenge rings (Added June 1, 2021. Completed June 30, 2021)
HAPPINESS 5 – Download this CD code and get X50 Elite Shards, X1 Leather Box and 1K Precious Stones (added May 27, 2021, completed June 30, 2021)
MAY2021IH – See this CD button on May 31, 2021
AGREEMENT – – Remove this CD code and get an X reward (expires August 12, 2021)
UMAAYA PYY SIDE – Return this CD Code and get the X Prize (Expires August 12, 2021)
JCI – Return the CD code and get 500 diamonds and 5x character invites (from June 18, 2021)
AJINGHETUZI – Approve this CD key and receive the X5.9K diamond, X award (added June 4, 2021, completed June 17, 2021)
IH2021APR – Enter the CD key code before May 1, 2021
IJU – CD Key Code Release on April 5, 2021 (Last)
IHSPRING2021 – View this CD key code before April 1, 2021 (expires)
CNNEWYEAR2021 – Download the CD Code Now and Get a Reward (Execute)
IHLIGHT2021 – Buy this CD Code Key and get x5 Hero Stones + 500 Precious Stones (Available Now)
MerryXmas2020 – Reward this gift code for prizes (All)
IHNICE12 – Receive this Gift CD for Battle X, X Orbs and X Wraps (already available)
IHTHX11 – Get this Gift CD for Battle X, X Orbs and X Wraps (Complete)
FZQBZSY – Compose this lock code for the manufacturer Amazing X (cube)
ZSY666 – Click this CD button to get X Shards, X and X Gems (update).
SWK888 – Store Opening CD Awards (completed)
Fzkhy666 – Burn this gift CD for X, X Orbs and X warships (complete)
FZQB1023 – Update This Award Winning CD For X, X Orbs And X (Expired)
ZHONGQIU – This Gift CD Needs X Pieces, X Gold (All)
101 Gifts – CDKey for Free Reels and Reels (Expired)
IHBEST10 – Free gift card (expired)

Idlewar888 – use X button encoded for premium amount (expired)
Intothemon – Use This CD Key for X Rewards (Expired)
idlewargo – get this CD key for X bonus amount (expired)
IHsuper9 – use this CD button for X bonus amount (expired)
AYUMIT – use this hero code at work for X bonus amount (expired)
IHHAPPY8 – Get this X-key to reward X (expired)
ESUTEAM – redeem this CD Key for X Rewards (expired)
IHLUCKY7 – Get this CD Key for X Rewards (expired)
4THANNIV – Redeem this CD Key for X Rewards (Expired)
LOVE77 – Use Passive Character CD Key (Expired) to Receive X-Reward

Frequently asked questions about 2022 are empty

How to redeem Idle Heroes 2022 codes?

There are several menu options for returning to standby mode and clearing the Unemployment Heroes CD Key Unlock Codes. Search and find the “sweet events” menu and go to the big events tab -> gift exchange -> go to “CDKEY” there and change the prices of the games. Code prizes will be sent to the inbox of the game on the left side of your lobby / home screen. The CD keys and gift codes for active unemployed heroes that can be purchased are shared above. Once you have made your purchase, click on the email icon on the left side of the hostel and go to the mailbox menu -> ask for a bonus. This gift code offers many free CDs and other CD button prizes.

How to get more Idle Heroes codes in 2022?

The game’s official social media app includes the latest Idle Heroes tags, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and the official Discord game. Game developers often issue gift codes for special events, such as game moments, famous events, collaborations, and special events. We will update the list of gift codes with new purchase codes as they become available. You can check this page and check for new codes regularly.

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