How To Install Games In Gameloop {June 2022} Explore The List!

How To Install Games In Gameloop

Learn how to install the latest updated version of PUBG Mobile and other games on Gameloop / Tencent Gaming Buddy (APK, XAPK, OBB Copy / Paste)
As you know, our old friend Tencent Game is called Gameloop and allows you to enjoy PUBG Mobile on your computer. You can play most Android games on a computer, not just PUBG. For example, you can play Call of Duty Mobile – Gameloop / Tencent Gaming Buddy. In this guide you will learn how to manually install games in Gameloop – create APK, Obb, Hapk files!

Create a game on Gameloop / Tencent Gaming Buddy

All you have to do is remove the previous version of Tencent Gaming Buddy. If you are using Windows 10, remove Settings -> Settings -> Gameloop / Tencent Game Friend ->. Then install the new version from the official website. The address is here: –
The initial download size is about 10 MB.

Once installed, open the copied directory. Double-click the folder and allow Windows to install Windows on your computer / laptop. The package then installs the Gameloop Emulator on your computer.

As before, there would be no pre-game. There is no need to change the language to create other games.

Gameloop installation – PUBG mobile installation

In this section we will learn how to manually install games in Gameloop Emulator. As an example, we will show you how to install PUBG Mobile by hand.

Step 1. Prepare the work

First of all, you need to have the APK and Obb file of the game on your computer. Take PUBG Mobile for example; It should have a PUBG Mobile APK and an obb file. You can download it from APKPure. This will be an XAPK file. The size will be around 2 GB. Rename the file (.Zip) after downloading the (.XAPK) file. The easiest way is to download it to your Android device and send it to a computer using a USB cable. You can use APK Extractor to get PUBG Mobile APK.
Download Obb File Manager -> Android -> Obb -> com.tencent.ig from your computer.

When you download from APKPure you will get it in XAPK file (rename .Zip and Extract). Then import the obb file. The name of the obb file will be

This file must be in the same directory – create a directory called com.tencent.ig

Upload a file to it.

Spend time relaxing!

com.tencent.ig (obb movie clip).
PUBG Mobile App APK
Now there are both! Let’s take the second step!

Step 2. Install APK and Obb in Gameloop Emulator folder

To do this, go to the directory where you created the Gameloop Emulator. It is best to install on a larger disk (if it has an SSD) – the game can slow down if you have an HDD.

If you don’t know where the directory is, right-click the Gameloop icon on your desktop. Go to Features -> Shortcut -> Select the checkbox next to the option. For example – we built it in D Drive and it shows D / Program Files.

Or search the MobileGamePCShared folder on your computer. Find the Temp folder -> Find and open the TxGameDownload folder -> Open the MobileGamePCShared folder. Download or install two folders (APK, obb folder).

Step 3.) Open Android Emulator

Go to the directory where you created Gameloop
Or you need a txgameasistant file on your computer. Go to this directory -> open -> open the UI directory -> you will find the program there; Android icon.

Double-click and activate. Wait until it is fully charged. TIP F9

If you don’t have a place to stay, press F9 and you will see five programs on the screen. We need browser software.

Step 3.) Install ES File Explorer and create a file in Gameloop Emulator

Open the browser program. Google File – Search for ESP Explorer in APKPure. Download from APKPure You need to install it after downloading (double-click on the emulator to see the shortcut – you can install ES File Explorer from here).

Once installed, return to the main screen of the emulator. (To return to the home screen, double-click the exit button on the right side of the screen under the icon).

Open ES File Explorer
First of all
Press the menu button in the upper left corner (three horizontal lines).
Scroll down the menu and use the root explorer
Close menu (press menu to close)
Go to the inner warehouse
Press / to go to the top
/ Clicks, a list of folders will be displayed
Search and open the datasheet

Step 4 Install PUBG Mobile APK

-> Android -> After adding the com.tencent.igg file to the Obb file in the internal memory, it’s time to install PUBG Mobile.

/ Return to the catalog
Find and open the datasheet
Find and open the Share1 folder
Click to install PUBG Mobile APK

5. Step 5.) Start playing

Go to Gameloop Android Emulator Home -> PUBG -> Allow savings (click OK when prompted). Then download the update (145 MB). Here it is.

Launch Direct X + in Gameloop settings.

Simple steps to create a Gameloop Emulator game.

We think the old version is better -> it’s too late now! At least PUBG. You need a powerful computer to work properly.

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