How To Fix Discord PFP Blurry Glitch In 2022 {May 2022} Find Out Here!

How To Fix Discord PFP Blurry Glitch In 2022

Discord is possibly one of the most popular instant messaging and digital distribution platforms right now. Just like video games, Discord users often encounter errors and glitches when using it on their phone or PC. The latest bug that has Discord users scratching their heads is Blurred PFP.

Most Discord users facing the blurry PFP issue are IOS users. This error causes users’ profile pictures to be blurry or pixelated. The bug seems to affect users who recently updated their profile pictures on Discord.

If you have the same problem, don’t worry, we are here for you.

How to Fix Discord PFP Blurry Glitch?

There are many Discord users who went to social media platforms and complained that their PFP looked blurry. Thankfully, Discord’s official Twitter user has acknowledged the issue and has assured fans that they are working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
Discord may have admitted that they are aware of the glitch users are currently facing, but they will surely take some time to fix it. If you’re looking for a temporary solution, we found a solution that might solve this problem.

The only way to fix the blurry Discord PFP issue is to load your PFP from the PC browser instead of the Discord app. I recommend using the Google Chrome or Safari browser to load your PFP.

When loading your PFP, make sure your FPS resolution is set to 128×128. If you use a random size, you are likely to run into pixel issues.
Specifically, the fix we are providing here is temporary and can be used until Discord patches it. As soon as Discord officially reveals the method to fix Blurry Discord PFP error, we will update this post.

That’s all you need to know to fix blurry PFP error on Discord.

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