Gouch Wordle {May 2022} Get The Details!

Gouch Wordle

This Gouch Wordle article contains all information about Wordle 340 solution and more about the rules of this game. Read the details below.

Are you looking for a solution for Wordle 340? Are you confused while solving today’s riddle? Then you’ve come to the right place. Although the quiz is quite difficult and interesting to solve, it needs some tips.
This Wordle game is played by many players in New Zealand, Australia and UK. This post has all the details about Wordle 340 and Gouch Wordle. Read the full article below.

Wordle 340 – Correct answer

Many players are very excited to solve the puzzle every day, so they thought Wordle 340 to be easy to guess, but they were wrong when they said “Gouch”. The correct answer to today’s word is “VOUCH”.

List of all tracks for Wordle 340:

The word ends with the letter “H”.
The correct word has two vowels in a row.
The correct answer contains the last 4 letters that everyone shouts when they are in pain.
The answer to Wordle 340 was an average guess. But many people mistakenly assumed that it was Gouch that was wrong.

List of all tips for Gouch Game Wordle:

Based on the suggestions above, we can guess some words as below:-

a lot of
To deceive
Of all the clues, the correct answer is VOUCH.

What is a pun?

Josh Wardle is the one behind this interesting game. Wordle is an amazing word puzzle game that is played online by many users. This game challenges players to guess a 5 letter word based on the clues given. This game is free online.

Wordle seems easy to solve but guessing the correct answer can be difficult as you can see in Wordle 340 where many people thought Gouch Wordle was the correct answer for today’s word but it was a wrong assumption.

game rules

Follow the points below to understand how to play this game:

Wordle can be played online at its official website.
The goal is to guess a five letter word by following the given clues.
The number of ways to solve the puzzle is six.
The color of the letter you typed changes as you type
If the letter turns green, it means you guessed correctly, and if the letter turns yellow, it means the correct letter was placed in the wrong position.

As mentioned in Gouch Wordle’s suggestion above, a wrong guess indicates when the color of the letter turns gray, since the letter “G” is a wrong guess for today’s word.

Players can post their daily puzzle results on social media.


The answer to Wordle 340 was an average guess, and it was a word people often use when they’re in pain. This article will give you all the tips, hints and answers for today’s quiz and if you want to learn more about the details of Wordle 340 then click this link.

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