Genshin Impact {May 2022} Guess With Hints Here!

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has brought a variety of fan-favorite characters to gamers around the world. One of those characters is Albedo, a playable Geo character in Genshin Impact. Also known as the “Chalk Prince”, he is a synthetic human created by the alchemist Rhinedottir. Albedo, one of the strongest swordsmen in Mondstadt, is also the youngest chief alchemist and the captain of the Knights of Favonius research team. There is no official information about Albedo’s past, including her birth. However, there are some facts that give us strong clues as to Albedo’s age in Genshin Impact.

How old is Albedo in Genshin Impact?

Since Albedo is not human, it is difficult to determine her exact age. He is an artificial human created by his master Rhinedottir. However, we can be pretty sure that Albedo is 18 years old in Genshin Impact. There are a few things that point to that. First, Albedo’s master asked Rhinedottir Klee’s mother, Alice, to claim Albedo.

What is certain is that he sees Klee as a younger brother. According to tradition, “Albedo only came to Mondstadt on the basis of her master’s letter of introduction.” Also, given the legal drinking age, it is reasonable to assume that you are at least 18 years of age. Here’s a brief synopsis of Albedo’s in-game character:

Albedo character

Age 18 years
Constellation Princeps Cretaceous
birthday on 13.09
Weapon of Choice Sword
Elemental Ability Abiogenesis: Solar Isotome
Elemental Burst Birth Rite: Tectonic Flood
Albedo’s English voice actor Khoi Dao
Albedo’s Japanese voice actor Nojima Kenji

Genshin Impact is a free to play Gacha-based RPG and is currently available for PC, PS4, Android and iOS. Check out all Dendro characters in Genshin Impact for more Genshin Impact content. Additionally, you can also check out the Ultimate Genshin Impact Albedo Build Guide.

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