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Fall Pops 3D App Review

Welcome to the Fall Pops 3D app review!

If you play games on your phone, you’ve seen some really cool videos featuring Fall Pops.

Whoever has money means that the player can earn more money by connecting the ball.

In the manipulated game described in the ad, each ball represents money ranging from $2 to $64.

By connecting two identical balls, the game adds money very quickly to protect your PayPal winnings.

As you can see, there seems to be no limit to the apps developers can put on people’s smartphones.

You may be wondering if Fall Pops 3D is a real or fake app. Salary or not?

What is Paul Pops 3D?

Fall 3D is a mobile game where the player has to match the same number of balls. It’s that simple!

This app is owned by Infinity Play and makes awesome games like Neon Cubes 4048 and Gem Sort 3D.

The companies hope to make money and entice users to play Fruit Pop or watch more videos.

However, the program description does not include salary information. Furthermore, we refuse to provide “Terms of Use”.

But at the top of the game is virtual PayPal, where you can earn virtual currency when you reach the goal.

They even say you can win as little as $200!

The ads that Fall 3D offers are honestly amazing!

Of course, only those who want to make money to reach the magic $200 will continue to play.

How to enjoy Fall Pops 3D

Fall Pops 3D is ready to play with no registration or license required!

Just slide your finger and press the button next to the same song.

You can match the balls when they are in contact with each other or next to each other.

If the bond is not strong enough, you can use a hair dryer to break the buttons on the case.

The geometric order of adding numbers is 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256…

For example, if you add 2 balls and 4 balls, you get 8 balls.

After the above upload is complete, you will receive a notification that your funds have run out.

That’s a deal. You must watch the video first to receive the virtual gift.

This allows developers to earn money.

The virtual currency will be transferred to your PayPal balance and can be used through PayPal.


Does Fruit Pop 3D really pay off?

Numbers! Numbers! No matter how many times you play this game, you won’t get $200!

Fall Pops 3D gives you enough “coins” to start the game first

But they use a “carrot on the fence” approach. This game is to reduce the reward.

So you can earn $0.01 per level until you cut costs before reaching $200.

You won’t see user reviews on Google Play because Fall Pops is in early access. But after watching some YouTube videos, I found that there are users who are looking for $199.

Same story over and over, folks!

Can you replace the 3D falling bangs?

We took a look at some games that claim to send money to users’ PayPal accounts. Unfortunately they all failed!

There are decent apps that will reward you for developing and playing mobile games until you get the truth. Playspot is one of the most popular brands. Here you will find a Playspot review.

one last thought

The game itself is good but after playing for a while you get bored.

You can’t stop playing Fall Pops 3D or any other game where you can make money with PayPal.

Watching too many videos is a waste of time.

Developers ultimately profit from selling ad space and promoting other fake games.

Don’t waste your time chasing $50-$200 games. The bonus is just a gimmick. hour

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