Estonia Wordle {May 2022} Guess With Hints Here!

Estonia Wordle

The article describes all the information about the Estonian wordle and collects the same details about the languages ​​used in the puzzle.

Have you heard of the Estonian language? Did you know Wordle game is played in 64 languages? Not many of us know all languages, but recently we found out about the territory of Estonia where the game is played in their language. People from all over the world play the puzzle, they all play in their own language. Similarly, Estonian territory plays the game in its language. We tell you all the details of Estonia Wordle in this post.

Why has the news mattered?

As we all know, different people around the world play Wordle in their native language. Likewise, we have come to know the territory with its language, and many of us do not know it. The territory is Estonia and the language spoken there is the Estonian language. People played the wordle game in their language and solve the puzzle to get to the right answer. We know the English language very well, but this is something new for us and readers will learn the details in this article.

Essential points in the game of Estonia

Wordle has the same guidelines all over the world and there are no changes to the game rules except for the language. As there are languages ​​in the game, we are very aware that all countries will choose to play in their native language that they feel comfortable with. Wordle is the same everywhere. Players have six attempts to guess the five-letter word. The clues in the word game are based on the language you have chosen to play, and nothing else is different in the game.

Detailed discussion of Estonian Wordle

The creator created Wordle to kill boredom and kill time during the pandemic. From launch, players don’t leave a game round and are very regular in their game. Wordle has gained prominence due to the language used in the game, and Estonian is one of the 64 languages ​​used in the game. We didn’t know the territory and the languages ​​used, but we got to know the area thanks to this game. The Wordle is no different and is also called the Estonia game and the guidelines are the same for all players.

Those interested in learning more about the word game can read here and learn more about the 64 languages ​​in which the game will be released.


Wordle is a very interesting game and the rules of the game are more interesting. Players have six tries and then wait for the next day to restart the game with new hints and options. The game has garnered positive reviews from all quarters. Have you played the game recently? Did you know all the languages ​​used in the game? Have you heard of Estonian Wordle? Comment below.

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