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Epic Conquest 2 Coupon Code Wiki

Epic Conquest 2 2022 coupon codes Our wiki has an updated list of valid OP coupon codes. Get new promotional codes and receive free gifts

Epic Conquest 2 promotional codes: Use codes

(Regularly updated Epic Conquest 2 coupon code refund code list. Total coupon codes found: x5. Active coupon codes: x5. Here is a list of all new Epic Conquest 2 coupon codes: –
So far, this is the only code I have found. If you have a coupon code that is not listed here but is currently active in the game, please share it with us in the comments section below.

Epic Conquest 2⇓ coupon code

EC2CLBK: Get this coupon code and get X Reward (credit; DarkLunar in comments December 29, 2021)
DONTELLAMIE: Get this coupon code and get Reward X (credit; Stephanie in comments December 25, 2021)
EC2BAHRBADUR: Get this coupon code and get the X Reward
EC1M: Get this coupon code and get X200 Rubies, 20,000 Gold, X50 Rune Fragments (NEW!)
EC2DESERT: Get this coupon code and get the X150 Ruby
EC500K: Get this coupon code and get 150 rubles + 20,000 gold (works)
eDZY9JK: Take advantage of this coupon code and get X150 Ruby (works)
EC2021: Get this coupon code and get 100 rubies (works)
EC2PLAYSTORE: Get this coupon code and get 5,000 coins and 150 rubles (works)

Epic Conquest 2 codes are limited in time; This gift code expires in a few days, so you should redeem it as soon as possible and claim the prize to continue playing. We are aware of new valid codes for these games, so we encourage you to visit this site regularly.

To avoid gift code errors, be sure to enter the redemption code in the game as shown in the list above, including special characters and uppercase letters (uppercase and lowercase letters).

We will continue to update this list of promotional codes. So far, this is the only x-code assigned to Epic Conquest 2 – there is no (original) Epic Conquest code in this list.

Expiration code
COMPENSATION1D – x70 rubies, x25K gold, x20 rune fragments and x20 empty souls
one thing is needed
Frequently asked questions about Epic Conquest 2⇓ promo codes

How to redeem a coupon code in Epic Conquest 2?

To activate the Epic Conquest 2 coupon code, tap the wheel / settings icon in the upper right corner of the game screen. A menu screen opens – when you do this, tap the “coupon” option in the upper right corner -> enter the coupon code and you will receive a prize. I have distributed all the promotional codes above; try them and receive free gifts.

Most coupon codes give you free coins and red rubies. Also, make sure that you activate the coupon code as soon as possible, as the coupon code expires after a certain period. We will update this code list regularly and add new code as soon as it is released by the game developer. Expired old codes will also be removed from the list. Let us know in the comments section if any of the new codes or codes above no longer work.

How to get multiple Epic Conquest 2 promotional codes?

Other new Epic Conquest 2 codes have been released on the game’s official social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and the game’s official Discord. Game developers usually provide gift codes for special events, such as in-game achievements, featured events, collaborations, and special events. We will update this list of gift codes with all new capital letters as they become available. You can bookmark this page and review the new code regularly.

So that’s all in this post about coupon codes for Epic Conquest 2. Do you have a new coupon code? Comment below.

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