Emma Norton: Is She In The Suicide Squad {May 2022} Find Out Here!

Emma Norton: Is She In The Suicide Squad

Emma Norton rose to fame last year after a Tik Tok video in which she appeared in a 2016 suicide scene. She is a makeup artist and also bears a strange resemblance to Margot Robbie. Since then, she Emma has made many videos depicting scenes of Margot Robbie, particularly those in which she plays Harley Quinn. Many fans speculate that Emma Norton may be in the new Suicide Squad. Read on to find out if Emma Norton is in The Suicide Squad?

Emma Norton in Suicide Squad (2021)?

Recently, Emma Norton wrote that she was at the Suicide Squad premiere. Due to the pandemic situation, only people related to the film were not invited to the premiere. That’s why many wonder if Emma could be part of the new Suicide Squad movie. Nothing has been confirmed at the moment, but many people are wondering if she could have recorded Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn or acted in her place. Fans will have to wait until August 6 to find out if Emma Norton is in The Suicide Squad or not.

Did Emma Norton make a movie?

Just about 2 years ago, Emma made a video of Harley Quinn and blew it up on social media. So far, she has only appeared in a short film called Cattle Call. In addition to some Harley Quinn videos, Emma has also made many Cruella themed videos that have been well received on Tik Toki and Instagram as well.

How old is Emma Norton?

Emma has been in the spotlight for almost 2 years now, but not many people, Tik Tok is only 17. The Tik Tok star is an excellent makeup artist, which makes it difficult to measure her age.

Suicide Squad Official Cast (2021)
Margot Robbie: Harley Quinn
Idris Elba: Bloodsport
John Cena: The Peacemaker
Joel Kinnaman: Rick Flag
Slylvester Stallone: ​​King Shark
Viola Davis – Amanda Waller
Jai Courtney: Captain Boomerang
Peter Capaldi: thinker

This is the main role in the suicide group, we know that many influencers are missing in this. According to Wikipedia’s lead role in Suicide Squad and the entire cast, Emma Norton is not part of the film. Fans should wait for the release to find out if Emma is part of the Norton Suicide Squad or not.

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