Dude Theft Wars Cheats {June 2022} Know The Right Answer!

Dude Theft Wars Cheats

Dude Theft Wars is a world open Android game from Poxel Studios. In this game you play as a man (Jack) and explore the open world; driving, murder, robbery and more. Check out our Army Warfare scams, cheats, tips and tricks to get extra free money

Male Thieves Wars Frauds: The 2022⇓ Fraud Code List

The following is a list of Dude Warfare Scams / Fraud Codes 2021: –

Group 99
Cashcash99999999 – This scam no longer works, it will remove your behavior

Of all these, Heytaxi is the best because it allows you to call the car anywhere. If you know of any other fraudulent numbers, let us know in the box below! We have updated the list of fraudulent military warfare codes for 2021.

Tap the mobile icon (left), select the “cheat.exe” application. Then enter the wrong one (just tap the app).

1.) Military – Start – Easy

Once you’ve pressed the start button, you’re home. Get out there and start a gangster life; In the lower left corner, use the lever to move your character left / right / back / forward. In the lower right corner is an attack stop to kill or shoot with your weapon, the other options are; hope, enlarge. Slightly above the zoom icon is a clock, tap the clock to change the game speed.

In the upper right corner, press ⇐⇒ to drag other items; At the beginning of the game you have grenades, a stick. Tap the mobile phone [center right], here is a detail of the applications on your mobile phone;

Duber – Using this app you can get bikes, beautiful cars. You should see video ads for it.
Shopping – This is a segmented store, watch video ads to get free money or spend real money in in-game currency
Map – It’s an open world game and the map app is one of the best apps on your smartphone, tap it and you can track your location on the map. It is for navigation purposes.
Save the game – To keep the progress of your game.
The latest update of Due Theft Wars also adds a new minigame. By playing this game you can earn free money. If you do some research, you will find the volleyball court. However, there is football xD. Go there and press the “play mini-games” button. Playing this game is also pretty simple; you just hit (from the bottom up) to throw the ball into the ring.

In addition, there are now Thanos cars, new islands, helicopters and now you can escape from the trees. If you want to deactivate the cheat code, please log in again.

In the upper right corner, touch the small card; in the lower right corner of the map, click the “My Location” button to see your map.

Look at the left side of the map, there are some navigation symbols; Icon of a pistol for weapons, houses, cities, shops and police stations. Just follow these symbols on the map to reach your destination.

Dude Military War – Drive

About the car; skateboard, car, bike and press the driver’s door
To use nitro, keep this symbol [only available on some vehicles] for military thieves

Tap the mobile icon -> dubs -> look at an advertisement to get the car; it will take a few minutes

So this is the Dude Theft Wars guide for beginners. Let’s start with Dude War Wars tricks, instructions.

Man Thief Steals Wars Cheats, Tips

1.) How to make free money

Shoot people with your baseball or grenades and take the money
Explore the city; go to the shops and stores -> go to their shelves -> steal money
Tap the mobile icon on the screen -> buy – watch videos and get paid for free
Last update; Now you can make money by doing deadly tricks; Tap the floating icon -> dubs -> airplane -> watch the video ad to fly the car. After you raise your eyes, look up at the sky, you will see lu

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