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Dragon Quest Tact Tier List

Find the strongest monsters in the game using our Dragon Quest Tact Tier List provided below and check out the replay guide.
To burst the bubble, the immensely conventional Dragon Quest Tact differs from the original Dragon Quest in a number of ways. The idea of ​​this free tactical RPG could be similar, i.e. befriend legendary monsters in battle, collect, train and summon them. However, in this game, you dominate the monsters using a grid-based strategy.

Also, new additions have been made in addition to Dragon Quest’s epic monsters. So if you want to know which monsters are the best to add to your team, use the Dragon Quest Tact Tier List provided below.

Dragon Quest Tact Tier List – February 2022

Before you begin, there are a few things to keep in mind.

This is the ranking for the Japanese version and not all monsters have been added to the global version yet. Therefore, you may not encounter many of these monsters in the game. But you must target them once they become available to summon them.
The monsters have different rarities, so if you’re looking for a specific one, you’ll have to be patient.
Whether fully magical or fully physical, gear is powerful. Therefore, try not to build a mixed team.
There are four levels in the level list, namely S, A, B, and C. S-level monsters are the strongest, followed by A and B. Avoid teaming up with C-level monsters.

S tier characters in Dragon Quest Tact

Kaiser slime
creepy dragon
Lord of dragons
big dragon
Dragonlord’s true form
big troll
hell gladiator
metal dragon
King she-baba
killing machine
royal reptile
Peacock Prism

A-Tier Characters in Dragon Quest Tact

bone marrow
cosmic chimera
devil’s mouth
troll boss
dark skeleton
Zombie Dragon
deadly armor
beautiful crab
state of life
Distinctive saber cat

B-Tier Characters in Dragon Quest Tact

pier horse
Bad Karmor
cyber slime
Hades Condor
wolf tear
lemon slime
frenzied madman
Threat drone
hateful knight
skeleton soldier
Orc Chief
stone golem

C-level characters in Dragon Quest Tact

The shade
buffalo wings
Clay mannequin
Mushroom Wizard
angel slime
firing pin
fighting spirit
Mandrake Mercenary
mini demon
mom boy
Fry salamander

Dragon Quest Tact Replay Guide

Rerolling in Dragon Quest Tact is fairly easy, so it’s recommended to keep rerolling until you get the first level monsters. This is how you get rolling again.

Step 1: Open the game.
Step 2: Complete the tutorial.
Step 3: Complete Chapter 2 Ep 1 and the Scout Tutorial as well.
Step 4: Go to the current frame.
Step 5: Claim everything to invest Gems and Tickets in Scout.
Hint: You are very lucky if you get the best monsters. However, if you get the unwanted monster, continue with steps 6, 7, and 8.

Step 6: Clear game data.
Step 7 – Restart the game.
Step 8: Repeat the above steps until you get the one you want.

Monster rarity when rerolling

Since not all monsters are available in the Global Edition, here is a rarity of those currently appearing in the game.
I’ve tried to include as much as possible. I hope you found the Dragon Quest Tact Tier List useful. More rankings like this can be found here.

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