Demon Slayer Strongest Hashira Tier List {May 2022} Find Out Here!

Demon Slayer Strongest Hashira Tier List

Hashira is the most powerful demon in the demon guild. Monsters are under the direct control of Ubuyashiki and are responsible for defeating the strongest demons. Hira is in danger of life, so they are always on the lookout for demons to kill. This is a good thing and it should stop there.

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All hashes are divided into three levels S, A and B, where S is the strongest and B the weakest. Here, all hashirs are classified from strongest to weakest.

Level S Hashira in Demon Killer

Gyu Tomioka

Gyuu is a water statue in the bodies of demon killers and she showed why she deserves this status. Sakonji learned to breathe water from Urokodaki himself. So the best choice for a water column. One of the challenges of the game is introducing yourself and staying in touch with others. Indeed, Gyu is a good person and better than Hashira. Having a goat someday makes him one of the best demons in history someday.

Gyomei Himejima

Despite the blind, all demons fear the way Gyom breathes. Gyomey understood the sign of the killing of demons when the orphanage was attacked and the demons killed many children. The incident left Gomey on the path of naming him as the most powerful demon killer. The Pearl Chicken has tremendous physical power and when you combine it with the demon slaying sign and in the most accurate way, you will understand why all demons are afraid of it.

Sakonji Uroko

Sakonji is one of the veterans and the first demon to appear in the series. He was not only responsible for mastering the breathing method in water, but also for following it. He did it by teaching Tomioka. Sakonji lived for a long time in the Demon Guild and shared all of his experience in training young demon killers. The exceptional scent combined with the breathing method of water is absolutely not to be missed.

Sanemi Shinazungawa

Sanemi is the foremost of all the Demon Corps demons. Ever since she killed the demon family, Sanemi has kept calm and made him one of the demon killers. Sanem’s rare blood type can seduce any demon and use it to lure demons before they are killed. Sanemi learned the technique of breathing in the wind and is the center of the Dempus Corpus era.

Hashira level in Demon Killer

Right Uzui

After his resignation, Tengen did not officially join the group of demon killers, but continues to help the soldiers and new demons and teach them to become Christians. He was a healthy pillar of the demonic armies, but he decided to retreat when he was badly wounded in a high-level demonic battle. Tengen is now retired and married to two different women, but that doesn’t stop her from helping young demon killers and teaching them to breathe healthily.

Kyojuro Rengoku

Kiyojuro, Hashira was very helpful, the only purpose was to help the weak with strength and breathing. Unfortunately, he was killed by a demon fighter, but he is known as one of Hashira’s best boys. Kyojuro also soon became a statue of fire and was a very effective opponent of the respiratory force.

Muciro Tokito

Muchiro is a quiet man who rarely speaks, but he has to choose when he speaks. He believes that every step must be taken logically and that every emotional input can change things. Muchiro has excellent tactical skills. He then managed to capture the upper moon using the killer Demon Mark. This also shows that there is a smoke statue in the bodies of the demon killers.

Obanai Iguro

Obanai may appear too tight on the surface, but the soft side is sometimes visible. It is a pillar of the army of the serpent that kills demons. Obanai also regularly adheres to the rules and obligations of being a Hashira for his evil fellow assassins. Obanain is very difficult to hold due to Akeyla’s breathing and flexibility.


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