Deepwoken Races Tier List {May} Read the Complete Process!

Deepwoken Races Tier List

Deepwoken is the latest offering from Monad Studios that has upped the ante with its challenging features. The game has a permadeath clause, which means that players who die during the game will have to start over. This presents quite a challenge for players. It also means that choosing the right race in the game can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Each breed has its pros and cons, and we’re going to go through them in this in-depth breed list. Many races have better reputations, which can affect how you interact in the game. While players can win by choosing any race, the best race for each player depends on their playstyle. So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at the Deepwoken races list to find the best race for your playstyle.
Deepwoken Racing Rankings – 2022


This is one of three commonly drawn breeds on this Deepwoken list. Players have a 17.4% chance of drawing it. His starting stats are 2 Charisma and 2 Willpower. These stats give this breed a better starting reputation than others. It is also easier for this breed to learn things.


This race also has a 17.4% rarity with 2 Intelligence and 2 Charisma. This race has 10% more health on ships. In addition, ships for this race are cheaper to buy.
With 2 Agility and 2 Intelligence, this race has a 17.4% chance of being drawn. Also gives +1 Health.


Canor is slightly rarer with a 15.2% chance of being chosen. Provides 2 Strength and 2 Charisma while effectively reducing damage taken by the team.


A 13% chance to roll the dice and 2 Strength and 2 Prowess make this race one of the most desirable on this list of deeply awakened races. Additionally, players of this race will get a compass at the top of their screen, as well as the ability to lose hunger more slowly than other races.


This race is all about increased camouflage and has a rarity of 8.7%. It provides 2 Agility and 2 Charisma and allows players to scale wooden surfaces more easily.


This race also has an 8.7% chance of being drawn. With 2 Strength and 2 Agility, this race can equip 3 points less than required.


Has a low 7% chance to be drawn and grants 2 Strength and 2 Spirit. It also gives players additional armor.


With a rarity of 2.2%, this race increases the amount of food gained, rest and sanity. He has 2 intelligence and 2 will.


A rare race with a 2.2% chance, it provides 2 Intellect and 2 Spirit. This race gains strength through reason.


This race is not currently available in the game, but it gives +5 to every stat and has 2 Agility and 2 Intelligence. He also takes less damage from Acid Rain.

This is the full list of Deepwoken races. Check out Games Adda’s Roblox games list for more content.

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