Dating Restaurant Idle Game Cheats {June 2022} Correct Solution With Meanings!

Dating Restaurant Idle Game Cheats

Read (Unemployment Cafe) scams for restaurant dating games. Beginner’s Guide և Tips

Restaurant Meetings for the Unemployed (Canteens for the Unemployed)

Restaurant Meetings for the Unemployed (Canteens for the Unemployed)
Announced by Longames, Canteen Idle is a restaurant-themed mobile game. In this game you have to work in a restaurant. To help customers, either on a cloudy or ordinary day.

Unlike other games that do not work and are often boring, Idle Cafeteria is great.

You have a lot to do; Satisfaction of customers, fill umbrellas, complete customer collections, love works of art, create spaces, open all spaces ել collect all the stars.

This book contains tips, tricks և tips for beginners.

Tips և Tips to ensure successful users
Most of the guests who first visit the restaurant are on vacation. There are so many things you can do to end the day.

1.) Restaurant renovation; Click on a restaurant to indicate that the day is missing. You can improve your visual design by decorating your dining room; You can decorate tables, cover tables or put flowers / detergents / lamps on the wall.

2.) Do not irritate them; you do not want customers to wait too long in the waiting room. Make sure you have enough space in the cafe. I can not wait too long for the reception, so kiosks, burgers / table / desserts / salads, etc. I’m everywhere.

Do not worry if the male enters the mother. Decorate the bar վ get ready for the reception, dresser / hamburger / dessert table / cupboard.

When the blind days are over, you will see happy emotions in their heads. Meet Restaurant Idle Game Cafe

Idle dating tips to earn more

The best way to invest in Dating Restaurant Idle is to design and arrange chairs. For example, burger tables, dessert booths, salad booths, fish stalls, sushi tables, etc.

Upgrading these stalls will increase revenue. For these meetings to be effective, they need to be activated / regulated, nutrition values ​​adjusted, և staff supported / trained in accordance with pavilion reconstruction responsibilities.

If there is no food on the counter, the guests will get angry and the restaurant will collapse. Then hire more employees, move them forward, train them to use pearls.

Development of meeting games in the restaurant for the unemployed
In the first procedure, we recommend focusing on the position. Click the search bar icon -> view search -> go -> sit in the upper left corner to receive the prize.

Create and develop products. Renovate the dining room to add an unseen meeting. Set up kiosks to increase revenue. Improvements everywhere; Click on the icon in the left corner (fork / bread / spoon) -> from there you can check from anywhere, such as sushi tables, sticks, juicers, pastries, pizza machines, etc.

Staff և Support staff

Coffee bars; Find a cleaner. The cleaners are responsible for cleaning the table after dinner. If the table is not clean, the customer will not sit down.

Knock; Find the bartender. They make alcohol.

work; The people working here are responsible for food storage. The more customers you have, the faster the food is consumed in the store. You need to hire more people; their upbringing and training.

The kitchen, which; Find cooks / cooks, kitchen assistants, cooks, etc.

True, every restaurant has its own staff. We want them to raise their salaries and get them ready to do their job as soon as possible.

Dating Restaurant Free Game Money Guide

Cash; Earn money by selling food, beverages or other items on shopping carts, completing searches, spinning tires and more. Use cash to upgrade your facilities!

Cooking skills (chef’s hat); Earn this money by improving your kitchen facilities or increasing the salaries of your chefs.

Precious stones; Get the gems by spinning and exploring the wheel. A diamond will be needed to train staff or buy high-end jewelry. Or develop your art of love.

How to Get Stars at a Dating Restaurant (Idle Cafe)
You will need stars to open new facilities / special rooms, facilities: improvements. To get a star at a dating restaurant, you need to upgrade your stand or refresh your restaurant.

Reform Pavilion; Touch the Palace aka Burger Table. Click on reforms to increase your potential. You will receive a star for each landscape update or update.

Open a guide for new customers

How do you unlock new customers in this game? Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Click the icon in the lower left corner (next to the job icon) -> Click on the locked customer to check the unlock condition.

A guide to opening new love pictures

Once upon a time there were love pictures for buffets. For example, your gross income, your online income, your good income, and so on. you can calculate increase Click on the icon in the lower left corner (next to the search icon) -> go to the love photo tab -> click on the locked image -> read the necessary conditions to get it. For example, accessibility requirements are the requirements of the Land Customer. The restaurant that doesn’t work is the canteen

How to Enhance the Fun of a Multicultural Restaurant Dating Game

Increasing the pay of the recipient (welcomes customers). Refresh / create buffets. Refresh / decorate the dining room. Don’t expect too much from customers. Attract employees, increase their salaries and train them. If you wait too long, you will feel disappointed (you will see a broken heart in their head).

Watch promotional offers

Watch video ads when you visit a specific customer, such as financial resources. Turn the wheel. There are many advertising offers that require free payment.

Friendly restaurant empty game tricks or hacking:

Fraudulent, idle restaurant free game is not available. Stay away from hackers, which could lead to a permanent ban on your account.

This post features dating restaurants and free gaming games, a guide to tips for beginners.


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