Game Scam {June 2022} Know Rules of the Game Scam
222views Scam (March 2022) Find out the truth here! >> In this article, you will learn about a platform that promises to give you free gaming money.

Want to get unlimited Robux for free? Then this post will be an easy guide to getting Robux and you will find out the truth behind free Robux generators.

Robux is the most important thing for Roblox players and because of its value, online scams on behalf of Robux are on the rise. A malicious platform called Pure Robux has become popular in the United States and around the world.

We got the authenticity of this platform in this scam post.

What is

Like other Robux generators and evil Robux generators, Robux promises unlimited. The general idea of ​​the platform is very simple and it is a website redirect that will redirect you to and allow you to create as many Robux as you want.

The platform has a chat box where you can chat with other active users, but it looks a bit suspicious. Many argue that this is a legitimate platform; We’ll get to the scam soon.

How to make Robux from real Robux platform?

This platform provides a very easy way to get Robux from this platform. Follow these steps to get the Robux you need from this platform:


Click the next option you want to see on the main page.
From this platform, you will be directed to to use Robux.
Specify the Robux number you want to create.
Enter your Roblox username if required.
Click the Create button and it will be confirmed.
Then you have to follow the given instructions to download the program, fill out a questionnaire or check something like this.

Is a scam or legal?

Trust Index – This Robux builder only has a trust rating of 8 out of 100 which is too low to trust the website.
HTTPS Connection – The website has a secure HTTPS connection, but this does not guarantee its security and safety.

Domain Period – The domain age of this platform is ten months and 24 days, i.e. 06-09-2020.

The Domain Name Expiration Date ends on September 6, 2021.
Social media platforms – Platform websites display links to social media gloves, but all links are broken and will only be redirected to those social media platforms.
Comments from players on this platform
The scam has received negative reviews from real users. Viewer: “This is a scam. I’m happy to get free Robux. But when I close the page, I see Roblox and I see Robux zero.”

Last sentence

It is not safe to use the platform and you will not get anything after completing the instructions given, because this platform is only for its sake. You need to buy Robux from the official platform to ensure your security.

What are your thoughts and opinions about this platform? Please update in the comment box below. Also, share this trick to let others know. Also, if you want to learn how to authenticate Robux for free using the in-game coin generator, look here.

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