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Cat Forest

Cat Forest – Treatment Park, a fun game where you can build a cat park. Check out this cat kennel guide, tips, tricks and tricks.

It is a fun game with a lounge; You can put different objects in the hole to make it bigger and more beautiful for other cats. The game offers many things like wood, lots of useful things, lots of fun directions, room to build and much more. If you are new to the game, you are on the right. In the Catwood Healing Camp guide you will find all the basics of the game. We also share a lot of tips, tricks and ways to protect your cat forest. Let us now, more, let us in.

Kattenbos – Sister of the camp leader: -.

Your goal in the game is to make the bones bigger and better; The staff allows you to explore different things and have the peace of mind that your cat will be. The main source of income for the game is Pine Pine. You can use plants, processors to produce recipes, and growing fruits. The biggest investment in cat game is the treatment park. Unlike traditional fishing rods, gold hooks are hard to find; Get free gold hooks while watching business videos or building an RV. You can use it to buy houses, multi-task and many other useful shops.

You will see the length of the sun at the top of the game interface; night, night, morning. The left / right side of the chart also shows the pin size and the gold top. Lines, icons, and views are displayed at the top left of the game interface. The level indicates the number of points required to go to the next level. In addition, the level of perception reflects the level of the global domain; Build a tool to promote your reputation. You need popular science fiction.

How do I get on stage?

Do you have any experience using a curtain or curtain to climb stairs? Cooking, crafting, collecting, etc. You can gain experience in this area. For example, if you collect feathers from bushes or grass, the game will display the number of points saved on the screen. Gain experience by doing things. Also look at the top left bar to see the EXP progress.

How do you promote a position of CEO or employee?

Supervisors or employees are actors in the industry; everything from installation to operation, from construction and fishing. All of these services provide the necessary polishing experience. For example, to open a profile page, click on a photo of a user or president with a flat bar in the lower left corner indicating the EXP rate will increase. † Today, it is engaged in various activities such as fishing, harvesting, feeding, trapping, etc. Then it scans the profile; You will see a rising level.

Forest House – helper: -.
Kattaskógur House is one of the main attractions of the park. From there you can go shopping, kitchen, office and more. Access them all: – Click the start or start button in the lower right corner to open the menu. You will see several menus on the letter

change –
Press the cooker’s hat button to enter the kitchen. The kitchen sink has five tables; It is used in baking, packaging, packaging and coffee making. You will find many recipes and spices; Pasta, bread, toast, candy, water, etc. Any recipe requires food. From the store you can buy products, buy back and collect property (depending on the results). Some of these are additives that can be produced in a lighted / heated area. For example – Cheese recipe: -.

x2 Bread – Boil
x3 Garlic – Enzyme (vegetable).
x5 cheese – enzyme.
Toolbar (start button -> Screwdriver / Wine) -.
There are two explanations; components and equipment. Made of cloth, linen, wood, etc. You can make the product. You must set up a park. Equipment includes hammer, EXE, fishing rod, kitchen knife, mortar, cotton and more. You will see that you can create an application. These materials can be used for fishing, fishing,

Books – including hammocks – free pine cones. Forest Café / Library / Hot Spring, offers several places (for your money) for cat visitors. Museum – You can donate items for fame and pine cones. Answer – Here you can sow seeds and sow crops. Interior design enhances prestige.

Homes that can be added to make the tent area bigger and better.

So everything will be in this cat forest – a beginner repair camp guide. Let’s take a look at the best cat fights – information, tricks and tips from the medical camp.

Cat Forest – Guidelines for the camp and swindlers :.

1.) Recruitment

The more staff there is in the camp, the more you can do and get out of the camp faster. So our first instructions will save the pine cones; the general and gold standard of employment. It’s easy to find simple pine cones – but not gold. So make sure you spend your money sparingly; Find more jobs in the tent area to hire more employees. Click on employee status on the right and place your order; Atherigna, fish, cook, craftsman, pick a worker and give another job.

2.) Senior staff

It will take a lot of energy to make the unit because the spring temperature should be 50. It can not be produced without a worker with a maximum capacity of 50. Employee support is the highest energy – crafts, fishing, housekeeping, cooking etc. . in. increases the energy needed to perform such tasks. First of all, we recommend upgrading the CEO and raising the limit to 50 before taking a bath. . Or use the fire effect for a temporary owl.

3.) Get free gold pine cones

There are three ways to get a golden pine cone in a cat forest – a repair camp. (1) Watch the video in the ad. Click Home – Search for Pinecone Gold -> Video Advertising. (2) Complete research and experience. Right-click on the “Search” button -> Finish your search. (3) Build a trailer. -> house -> ground movement -> elderly woman -> bottom menu design in crane design. Take a look and play Pinecones made of white gold in a few minutes.

4.) Return for dinner

Employees and CEOs need energy to work; handicrafts, fishing etc. It will not work if it is not strong. You can increase their strength by feeding. Click on the avatar at the bottom left -> food -> food types -> details. In the kitchen you can prepare different dishes. Read the home guide above for more information.

5.) Dry the tent cloth

Guest Tents is one of the leading manufacturers of Pine Cone. You can earn more money by renovating these tents. Touch the tent – leave it. Materials such as canvas can be made from home. Then build a tent cloth.

6.) Research

Go home -> Magnifying glass -> Search -> There you can use the prestige of advanced buffers that enhance the capabilities of camping equipment. Click on the review – read the content – to confirm that you like it.

7.) Fire for Buff

Start camping in the middle of the holiday – click -> log -> operator. Hire experienced staff; Examples are maximum power, luck statistics, HP, ability, magic, etc.

Here are some forest cats – camping tips and tricks for beginners. Do you have other information to share? Look below.

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