Art of War Legions Guide {June 2022} Correct Solution With Meanings!

Art of War Legions Guide

Art of War Legions is a strategy game for Android and iOS, in which you are the commander and commander of a small army unit. Read the Art of War Legions game guide, tips, tricks and strategies

Martial Arts Legion

The publisher of Hello Stars Fastone Games has added a new fighting game called Art of War Legions to its programming portfolio. Art of War Legions game for Android released by 10TP Studios. There are Arena PvE and PvP game modes that create small army legions to defeat enemy soldiers. There is also an inactive system, so you will earn a national currency when you are not playing. If you have just started playing this game, it’s on the right page. The Art of War: A Guide to the Legions covers the basic concepts of the game. We also share “The Art of Art: Legion Tips, Tricks, and Strategies That Can Help You.” Then go in, see and enjoy!

Rules, tips, tricks and strategies for a war legion

Each Art Warriors player starts the campaign using hundreds of remodeling levels. Once you complete several levels, new game modes such as Head Hunt or Treasure Hunt, PvP Arena will be unlocked. You will also get new troops, plenty of space to fight on the battlefield, and increase empty bonuses. You will get gold from PvE levels where you will fight in enemy areas. The Martial Arts Legion has two medals: gold medals and diamonds. Both medals can be obtained through games; as a reward or worthless reward in battle. You can add troops and warriors to your army – you can increase their power by upgrading them. Let’s explore everything in detail and learn the techniques, manuals, tips and tricks of the War Legion game –

Meet the troops

There are many stages in the art of the Legion of War; Each association has its own characteristics. Brawl attacks, various skills, stomach skills and many more. You will see the combined parts. Some parts have high defense and others have high attack power. Some have special abilities; for example, pilgrims can heal their allies during battle. Defensive troops can lead, because high DEF is able to do most of the damage done by the enemy. While units with attack attack statistics were not as secure, they had to be left to the thinking units.

Example: Iron guards have high DEF, Archers have high assault statistics. Therefore, you can spread according to your strength, it is better to identify each body: front line defense units, rear archers, bombers or pilgrims.

You can find more information about the article in the game weapons menu. Go to the Hero tab in the menu below; there are two applications; Warriors and soldiers. Go to Weapons tab -> Find weapon avatar / map -> This opens the weapon profile, where you will see statistics like Charge, DEF, HP, SPD Attack, Attributes. This menu gives you a complete guide to the weapon; statistics, skills, etc. Then read all the details about the bodies.

List of the best troops in the game War Legions

The Art of War list is not updated until 2021! This is a very long list: –

golem golem
immorro hero
monster sir
messenger of fire
magic totem
killer devil
the priest is magic
student of magic
The ghost hunter
The Knights Templar
Soldier Soldier
great hero
or stomach
hell guard
Iron guards
devil witch

Demons Paladins, Meteor Golems and many more. The highest level, like a legion of martial arts, was the best – the lowest level was of little importance, like the necromancer, the infantryman, the bomber, the iron guard. Remember – the strategic location of the troops – will be useless.

Collect weapons to fight the legions

By leveling up soldiers, you can improve your combat skills or HP, ATK, DEF, ATK SPD, etc. You can update. You can add features. All you have to do is combine the same level of devices to get higher levels of those devices.

For example – 1 star Bow Archer 1 = 2 star bow. The High Star teams have better statistics. You can throw gold or stones and get a body. To match random objects with gold coins, press the match button in the lower right corner.

Go to the store -> then you can buy a regular card package, a regular card as a regular or non-standard unit. There are thousands of gold or hundreds of precious stones for this. You can easily clear PvE levels because it’s not too difficult to complete them – but you’ll have to meet real players with powerful weapons in PvP – so set up your teams.

You can join or level teams on the Battle Form screen. All you have to do is drag the same device to another similar device. Martial Arts: Legion

Apply for unemployment benefits

As stated in the Art of War Legions game review, System Idle. The troops in the corps always fight against the enemies and win gold every hour. Click on the box on the home screen of the game and claim a reward every hour. Provides free gold and precious stones per hour – the amount of rewards in the current box depends on the development of PvE levels. So sharpen the levels and increase unemployment benefits. The Art of War: Legions

Unlock the characters

In every 5th or 10th round of PvE, the game gives a special prize; There may be a coffin or some precious stones. You can find heroes in hero boxes. If you find a pre-existing character, the game turns the character into parts that can be used to heal. It also takes time to open the box – you can shorten your time by watching video ads. All you have to do is click on the checkbox at the top of the screen when the screen is turned off – then watch the video message -> that’s it.

Learn the art of legion fighting

There are many heroes in the art legion who can enter and open their portraits during the war – they also have passive abilities. Each character has unique abilities and you can choose only one character to fight. If most of your characters are locked, be sure to read the details of their skills and choose the one that suits your team. Go to the Heroes page -> click on the hero portrait -> use the navigation keys to move between the characters -> click the skill button to read the description of the skill. Upgrade your character to enhance your mastery effect. Experience all the heroes of the Martial Arts Legion – read about their skills and find the best one. Legendary heroes are the best / highest heroes in the game because of their legendary abilities. But it’s hard to find them!

This does not mean that RARE’s characters, not all of EPIC’s, are bad. They can also be very useful; Those who have the ability to heal (Hero of the Tree of Life) and have the ability to heal or CC.

Martial arts, one of the best characters in the game; Davison (Legend), Ainz (Epic), Apollo (Legend), Hohenheim (passive gold reproduction ability helps to get more gold – rarely).

Get the best collection

Creating the best team for the legion of martial arts is not an easy task; If there are many corpses in the game, it will confuse who to add and who to oppose. First select a great character (read the character guide above to learn which character is best). The next step is to select and strategically create teams; preliminary, medium, and rare. One of the most important things to do when creating a team is to strategically use team members.

It is advisable to put angels and witchcraft units in front of them (field groups attack nearby units, for example pirates, guards, infantry, etc. – these units use field weapons). Deploying enchanted units can help cool down large enemy troops. Helps to protect mid-range units by advancing combat units. Place the body of the beam in the middle of the row; armies that attacked long range. For example; Archer. Add manuals / tanks to the rear / rear row. Place the witches in the back row to fight the demons.

Here is the part: –

Your temporary body does a lot of damage: it needs to be protected; You can use farm equipment or tanks or magic equipment to avoid targeting DPS units with enemies.
Front or rear tanks help absorb enemy damage
Collision units help the body move backwards
Mages can help repel attacks by enemy forces

Share your works of art in the comments.

Earn money by watching ads
You can go to the store and search for a free treasure hunt – they pay around 1,500 gold to watch a video ad. You can request this offer three times a day – join, buy troops – join your army and expand.

There are sponsorship offers for free stones
Go to the store and scroll down – you will find sponsored offers there – just install the app and ask for rewards; jewelry store. Save precious stones and spend on premium armor / packages.

Play all game modes

In addition to the PvE campaign, you can play treasure hunt mode to get precious stones or gold coins. From the arena you can get keys, boxes, gold coins and hero boxes depending on your level.

Complete your daily search
In the upper right corner, click on the daily search icon under the VIP icon-> Finish searching for gold and precious stones.

Open sections in Campaign Re
You are currently browsing the archives for the Art of War legends category. Each chapter will have a certain stage to finish. Once delivered to the dungeon, you will start playing the next episode if you meet the level requirements. What is the level? The number of rounds you have completed in normal combat mode determines your current level. For example, if you have taken 200 steps in normal combat mode (you can check the steps on the main screen -> battle button) you will open Section 2. Here are the level requirements for each chapter (currently), 3 chapters – i new chapters will be shown directly in the next update) –

Chapter 1 – Level 70
Part 2 – Level 200
Chapter 3 – Level 400
Chapter 4 – Level 700
Chapter 5 – Level 1000
Chapter 6 – Level 1400
Chapter 7 – Level 1800
Chapter 8 – Level 2200
Chapter 9 – Level 2600
Chapter 10 – Level 3000
Chapter 11 – Level 3400
Chapter 12 – Level 3800
Chapter 13 – Level 4200
Chapter 14 – Level 4600
Chapter 15 – Level 5000

the art of war legions

At this point, the “Legion of War” is no scam. If you want a free gift, check the payment codes. You can find the codes here.
All of this is in the “Legends of Martial Arts” guide for beginners, tips, tricks and tips. Do you have any other tips for sharing, an army or a strategy to do? Comment below! If you have any other questions, we recommend that you join the game’s FB team.

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