Arc The Lad R Tier List & Reroll Guide {May 2022} Guess With Hints Here!

Arc The Lad R Tier List & Reroll Guide

Arc The Lad R is now one of the most popular movies on Google Play Store. Thousands of fans are playing this game and are currently struggling to find the best Lad R Arc characters. If not, we’ve created a great title, perfect setting, and all the characters.

Not only have we outlined the steps for Arc The Lad R, but we’ve also explained how to get back into the game. Let’s start with the next sentence.

Schedule and location version Arc Tus Lad R – April

Before I talk about the Standard Arc Ladder R, let me tell you: This is a JP model. By looking at these lists, you will have the experience of choosing the best images at the highest level.

Everyone knows that in a mobile game like Arc The Lad R it’s important to have a strong character for our team at all times. Let’s look at the list of these conditions.

Arc Tus Lad R code

We do our best to research the stats, skills and abilities of every character in the game. If you notice any changes to this list, let us know in the comments section below.

All of the characters in Arc The Lad R are listed as an S-Tier, with a weak C-Tier as the lead.
Be sick.
There’s just one example we’re changing to S where you can’t go wrong.

The C

In this case, not all characters are the same Elc, but still, some Elc can use them as favorite characters.

Homura in the same way
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light b

The examples discussed in this section are examples.

mizuha was
Raika was
part of
The only reason you’re putting a banner here is to let them know that this is a banner to avoid when creating a group.

Huang Long is available
Sit down.
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That’s what Kyle said
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July, who is this?
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said Guell
follow me

Young man book R arch

Lad R. can be used in two ways for recovery. We describe two ways to return, but there are places where you can’t use the first way.

First choice:

To return to Arc The Lad, you must launch the game and log into your guest account. After signing up, go to the list and sign up. Open the gift box in game and get all the pre-registered gift items.
When you find it, go to the gacha meal and add 10 rubles. If you see a better character, continue the game. If you didn’t get the good news, read on.
Open the file manager on your Android device and locate Device > Android Folder > OBB Folder. Here you will find a file called “com.boltrend.arcen”. Once you find it, you need to go to “Com.boltrend.arcen1”. After sending it to your server, you will see that the game size has been reduced to 220 MB. Some programs don’t do this, and if they do, follow the steps below.
Delete the Arc Lad Game R file. This will remove your guest account.
Open the game on your phone and download the game from Google Play to access it. This will automatically start the game with the new account.

option 2

Unlike the previous version, it also works on Android and iOS devices. This process requires you to have multiple Gmail and Facebook accounts.

Start the game and follow the prompts to find the cable. Go to the gift box and first count all the gifts. Once connected, open the menu and drag down the tallest lens. Once you have the information you need, continue writing or go to the next level.
Close the game and try again. Tap the screen to start the game. Click the “Help” menu in the left corner, then select User Settings > Account Settings > Account you’re not currently using.
Here’s what you need to know about the Arc The Lad R image and update instructions.

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