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Anime Rifts Codes Wiki

Looking for an Anime Rifts wiki code? Check out Rift’s Anime Codes wiki to discover all the new working tracks!

Rift Anime Code Wiki

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Launched by Adventures Unleashed, Anime Rifts is a Roblox game featuring characters from the popular Dragon Ball, Naruto and more. Unleash your skills in this anime to destroy your enemies.

In this article we will talk about the code. Be sure to visit this page and browse the Roblox Game Cheats library for more tracks.

Anime code Wiki Rift

The anime rifts codes below the wiki show the new names of all the new tracks that players can redeem or redeem for free items like music, coins, energy, items, and more in Roblox. So do not waste your time and check out Anime Rifts Codes wiki: –

Anime Code Rifts Wiki [Fairy Tail Update]

Almost restored: User code x3 Double XP Hour (new)
peritalay – Remove code x1 every hour Double XP (new)
Keepyourultrainstinctcarot – Change the rules to 1 hour to double the ratio.
yami2out: exchange rate x
SubToTaklaman: change the number to 6 hours to duplicate everything
oldbeerusiasback – Clear the code in 30 minutes, copy everything
moredemonslayerssoonmaybe: change the code to 1 hour to duplicate everything
Why not respect the green man: Use this rule for 30 minutes to double everything
demoslayersoon: redeem this code for a free gift
Used Fuel Point – Removing this rule within 30 minutes will double everything

The Anime Rifts code has a time limit; This gift code expires in a few days, so use it as soon as possible and get the rewards to get through the game. We are constantly following the latest Anime Rifts numbers for these products, so check back regularly.

To avoid errors in the Anime Rifts code, enter the game code as described above, including special characters and uppercase and lowercase letters.

Age code

As mentioned above, the Anime Rifts code only works for a limited period of time. Below we share these coupon codes, including expired numbers, you can try expired Anime Rifts numbers and see if they work for you: –

Trust – Change these rules to 30 minutes Full copy
ssj44vegeta: change this code to 50,000 Zen
takeitslow – Change this number to 30 minutes if you want to copy everything
Transmission – Changing these numbers within 60 minutes will double everything

How to use numbers in anime Rifts

Launch Roblox Anime Rifts on your PC or mobile device.
Press the setting button on the side of the screen.
Copy the rules from the list above
add the code here
Receive a reward code

How do you get more tracks for Anime Rift?

The new Anime Rifts tracks have appeared on the game’s official social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and the game’s official Discord. Typically, game developers issue gift codes for special events such as sporting events, popular days, organizations, and special occasions. We will update this gift list with all new redemption numbers as they become available. You can bookmark this page and see Anime Rifts tags regularly.

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