Animal Restaurant Game guide {June 2022} Correct Solution With Meanings!

Animal Restaurant Game guide

Fresh for a pet restaurant? Learn the basics with this animal restaurant game with animal tips, tricks and tricks. animal eating game

Teach and play with pets in the restaurant

You run a restaurant in the game. Customers visit the restaurant, place an order – prepare a recipe at the request of the customer and earn the Law – the basis of the pet restaurant. To purchase accessories for a restaurant, garden, dining room and kitchen, you will need a trick. Explore everything in detail and find tips and tricks for Animal Restaurant games. Add: Animal Nutrition Codes 2021

Learn more about consumers

The animal restaurant currently has more than 150 customers. Some of these special guests are not in the restaurant. These customers can give you many toll-free numbers, and some of them are cunning people who can ruin your business. For example, Advertiser is a special product that gives you access to rights by watching video ads. Rick Kid – When you call this customer they give you a toll free number.

On the other hand, some buyers retained Code Rabbit theft – stealing the number from the restaurant. Beat it a few times until you miss the restaurant to get rid of it. The skunk is this particular consumer’s scent that forces consumers to leave the restaurant. Wait a few times before smelling.

Discover new customers at a pet restaurant

Khoom customers sometimes visit the restaurant. By advertising restaurant recipes, you can attract more customers to your restaurant. Click the refresh button in the upper right corner of the game interface to attract more users. This ad attracts consumers with a mobile application.

Unique There are many ways to open or gain a unique customer. For example, follow the command, grow flowers in the garden, remove a special recipe as a reminder, etc. Press the card button on the right side of the game interface – this will take you to the user (menu) menu; There are two notes: Users and Notifications. Click on User avatar for details about users. Contact the locked avatar to learn how to activate it.

Review ads

There are many ways to promote a restaurant. At the beginning of the game, you have the opportunity to support via notifications. You can customize your feed to find new ways to advertise;

Promotional Flyer – Enjoy the seller and the rich kids
Radio Promotion – Enjoy the lost witch and singer
TV Broadcast – Enigma Attractive
Cell Phone Advertising is a mystery shopping mall
In the upper right corner, click the Update button to open the advertising menu where you can adjust your level to open a new way to promote your restaurant.

Increase star size in pet restaurants

Restaurant equipment can be improved by upgrading restaurant equipment. You can add extra accessories to the restaurant; Customers’ dining tables, kitchen utensils, bathroom utensils, etc. Press the menu button in the left corner and go to the Restaurant settings tab -> then you can buy a new one or update an existing one. For example, turn your small table into an Elegant table to increase your position to 8.

If you search the Avatar site, you will need to increase the number of points, increase the number of instructions, adjust the size, etc. You can get points like So add and change features to enhance the wildlife of your restaurants. You can get a lot of office space, a garden table (using flowers).

Pet Restaurant Guide for Beginners. Let’s look at the tips, tricks and tricks!

Buy a garden and a buffet

In addition to the restaurant, there is a buffet and garden, as well as the reception, garden, ice cream, drinks and more. You can check out cool stuff like this. Move the restaurant screen to the left or press the (<) key to view the garden.

Send Hedwig for a book

Hedwig was one of the postmen. The player must first set up a cardboard box in the garden and then hire Hedwig from the hired table. Then click Hedwig on the garden screen -> have three places in the basket -> add flowers to the wrapper to see new items -> send. So how did you get the letter in the pet toy?

Answer the Five Day Standing Question

In the list below, click the Tasks button to open the Daily Tasks menu. There you will find useful research; Rewards If you complete these tasks (5), the game will receive a 25-star reward – a double payout for watching videos. Because it is difficult to find details, we recommend that you complete this work as soon as possible and watch the video to get the most out of it.

See instructions for saving additional numbers

Customers said before leaving the restaurant. The code will lead to the left of the restaurant door at the meeting. At the start of the game, there is a stone bowl that can be upgraded; Bank Treasurer, Fortress, Cashier, Pumpkin Council. A good array (s) can store a large number of numbers. So you can make more money when you’re not playing. Go to Menu -> Restaurants -> where you buy Meetings.

Take a good look at the customer

As mentioned above in the Consumer Guide, this can help you deal with stress. An expert must take care of every person; Don’t miss the opportunity to receive gifts from private buyers and don’t let satisfied customers turn your business around.

Every Order

Buyers can guide you; These orders must be complied with within the stipulated time. All you have to do is enter the game after deleting it. These orders will be carried out. Compliance can open up more customers.

Selection and support

You can also hire staff to manage the pet restaurant. These waiters do something because, for example, the waiter Jiji receives the second order from the customer within 120 seconds. The more you pay, the more time it takes to work within 20 seconds. Go to Info -> Tasks -> you can enter and edit regular / tags. Employees gain experience over time – you can watch the video to get EXP right away.

Watch a video to advertise a restaurant

Click the “Motivate x15” button at the top right -> you see -> this restaurant will attract a lot of customers. More customers – more orders, and more orders – more numbers.


Increase the cost of medications
You will find the code on the map. For example – A check is issued for 100 customer numbers. You can find additional numbers (700 ~) by multiplying the value. Menu -> Map Map -> List overview -> Salary (bottom right).

Take a closer look at the situation
Since then, the creators of the Best restaurant have put on a real show. For example, at the time of writing, the lunar eclipse in China was still strong. During this time, you will be able to write New Year’s memoirs. When something needs to be done, the user leaves memories, and these memories improve the star rating.

Open the rod
Fishing is on the left side of the farm. The player will unlock when they reach 4000 stars. There you can rent a fisherman, rabbits, dogs and fish.
Here are some tips and tricks for opening pet restaurants. Do you have information that you can share with other players? See below!


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