Android Emulator for Apple M1 Chip Mac {June} Read Trending Topic!

Android Emulator for Apple M1 Chip Mac

How to Play or Run Android Games on an Apple M1 Macbook Read Android Competitor for Apple M1 Chip (June 2022)

Android rival for Apple M1 Mac chip

Apple M1 is the best Android simulator to play Android games on Macbook
From June 2022, the Apple M1 Macbook chip will have no Android competitor to play games or run Android apps.

If you have an older Mac or an Intel-based Mac, try Bluestacks. Bluestacks is currently the best Android competitor for Mac. Call of Duty, PUBG New State, Raid Shadow Legends and more are available on the Google Play Store. allows you to play any android game such as

NOTE: Bluestack’s Apple M1 chip is currently unavailable. It won’t work even if you are set in parallel. If you try, you will make a mistake;

The device features a new Apple Silicon processor which is currently not supported by BlueStacks.

Another way to play Android games on your Macbook with an Apple M1 chip

With the help of Bluestacks X, you can now play Android games on the cloud. Go to, select/search for the game and click the “Cloud Play” button. Wait for the game to load into Resources. A strong and stable internet connection is required for the best Bluestacks X experience.

If you want to run Android apps on Apple M1 Chip Mac, try Android Studio.
Mainly used for building Android apps, Android Studio includes a full Android competitor that developers can use to test their apps before releasing them. You can get it for free from the official website.
Not suitable for games.

The solution

Some of the website’s features include LD Player, Nox, Memu, etc. Compatible with M1 Chip Mac Mag some of its competitors but none of them will work; In fact, some of these competitors are only available for Windows.

Currently you can only play Android games on Blustacks X with Apple M1 Chip Mac (

We will update the article when the Android competitor for Apple M1 Chip Mac comes out.

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