1010! Block Fun App Review – Know Entire Reviews!

1010! Block Fun App Review

Welcome to 1010! Don’t watch interesting shows!

1010! Block Fun is a new puzzle game with big prizes on mobile devices.

There are many app developers who show fake images of their games for hundreds of dollars and regularly use the PayPal logo to make players feel like they are earning real money.

I don’t want to play 1010 so I’m reading this review! Everyone should be responsible. Can you really make money? 1010! Is popular law interesting?

Read on to find out what happens when you follow these steps.


Great 1010! Should provocative activities be banned?

1010! Block Fun is free on Google Play and requires no registration.


We recommend that you do not use the Site or the Application without first reading the Terms and Conditions.

The app’s Terms of Service link is on the Cash Balance page. Unfortunately, the site has been removed due to legal complaints about its content.


Game Guide

20 Coins Per Day You can earn an extra 20 coins by watching a 30-second video on the right side of the scale.

1010! Block Fun is another cube puzzle game we tried a few days ago, similar to Color Block.

Drag blocks from the grid to fill rows or columns. Completing a row removes all blocks and frees up more space to continue the game.

1010 If you break the block! Block Fun usually offers cryptocurrencies or coins. But before opening the chest and getting the reward, you have to watch the video.

Each time you place a block on a grid, you get points equal to the number of cubes in that block. Note that there is a green line at the top showing the percentage of points already earned.

Reaching 100% means you have earned enough points to earn virtual currency. Click the PayPal icon to watch the video and earn money.

If one of the three available blocks doesn’t fit into the grid, it’s game over. If you feel threatened, you can use a knife and a knife. If not, you can use your coins to buy ads.

Hook destroys square blocks with 6 or more cubes and includes the means to change 3 blocks.

1010! Interesting legal ban? Is it worth it?

Played at 1010! If you block it for a while, you will see that it works like any other game. A lot of income at first, but the more you play, the less it earns.

Just because I haven’t played 1010 doesn’t mean my wins won’t increase! Turn off the fan. But I’m sure it will take a long time to bounce back.

Like most games, even if you ask for money, it can be ignored or canceled. Virtual currencies and tokens have no real-world value and companies are under no obligation to provide it.

The moon is 1010! Block Fun is still in the early stages of availability, so users cannot submit reviews on Google Play.

He says he doesn’t want to call 1010! Block Fun is a cheat but not a money making app. So, if you don’t want to have fun, don’t trade virtual currency for nothing.


1010 Love! Banned is fun, but it gets boring after a while. Many people play a lot of videos and watch them all the time to earn money.

Don’t waste your time because there is no evidence that the company processes money. Advertisements displayed while playing these ‘money games’ may be misleading and inaccurate.

It’s important to understand that app developers don’t have to share revenue with players because they don’t offer a binding contract that guarantees payment. That’s why over 99.9% of consumers never pay!

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